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Analysis Reveals Record Number Of FOIA Requests Filed Last Year

NPR's Don Gonyea speaks with Ted Bridis, investigative editor at the Associated Press, about the increasing amount of U.S. requests for government information under the Freedom of Information Act.

Prime Minister Netanyahu Backtracks On Palestinian State Comments

NPR's Steve Inskeep interviews Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who now says he never meant to reject the idea of a Palestinian state during parliamentary elections this week.

California Governor Announces Billion Dollar Drought Relief Plan

California Gov. Jerry Brown announced an emergency measure to fund drought relief Thursday. California is facing its fourth consecutive year of drought, and the state is tightening water restrictions.

President Obama Signs Order Cutting U.S. Government's Carbon Emissions

In his latest action to address climate change, President Obama signed an executive order Thursday that attempts to reduce the federal government's carbon footprint.

French National Front Party Gaining Appeal In Regional Elections

France holds it's regional elections Sunday, and the far-right National Front party is surging in popularity after persuading voters that it is no longer on the political fringe.

Obama Orders Reduction In Government's Greenhouse Gas Emissions

He directed the federal government to cut emissions by 40 percent within the next decade and to increase its use of renewable energy sources to 30 percent of total consumption.

What If Everyone In America Had To Vote?

President Obama called the idea of mandatory voting potentially "transformative." That's true, and Democrats might love it, but it's not likely to happen.

A First For Joe: Biden Could Break Tie To Confirm Attorney General

Vice presidents have cast 244 tiebreakers in the Senate, but if Biden rescues Loretta Lynch's bid, it will be the first time it has been used for a Cabinet nomination.

Benjamin Netanyahu And Washington

The Israeli prime minister now says he opposes creating a Palestinian state, an idea the U.S. supports. Steve Inskeep speaks with Politico's Michael Crowley about changes in U.S.-Israeli relations.

Obama Says Critics Making 'The Same Argument' Despite Better Economy

The president defends his economic track record, even as Republicans are trying to change the government's fiscal course. House and Senate committees unveiled draft budgets that would cut spending.