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Latino 'Panhandlers,' Ted Cruz And The Republican Push For Hispanics

At the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce this week, Sen. Ted Cruz called the community "fundamentally conservative" and added, "I don't think I've ever seen a Hispanic panhandler."

Councilman's Star Rises Fast Amid Baltimore Unrest

Nick Mosby, who represents much of West Baltimore, has become a prominent voice, turning the spotlight on chronic problems that sparked upheaval.
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First Latina In Maryland Legislature Sets Sights On New Goal: Congress

Ana Sol Gutierrez was the first Latina elected to Maryland's State House, and now she wants to be the first Latina to represent Maryland voters in Congress.


Indiana Struggles To Control HIV Outbreak Linked To Injected Drug Use

State lawmakers passed a bill this week to allow needle exchanges across a wider area. But health workers in hard-hit counties say they need more help as the number of confirmed cases keeps climbing.

California Bill Could Limit Police Access To Body Camera Footage

Lawmakers want to prohibit police officers from viewing video from their body cameras before they write their reports. It's part of an effort to bring more transparency to policing.

Just Do It: Obama Tries To Sway Skeptical Democrats On Trade

The president is finding it tough to get Democrats on board with a Pacific trade deal. He's meeting with some who might be open to it and even going to Nike headquarters next week for an event.

Bill That Would Curb NSA's Bulk Collection Of Phone Data Advances In House

The USA Freedom Act would also make significant opinions from a secret court public and would allow challenges to challenges to National Security Letters.

Why Hillary Clinton Is Just Fine With Bernie Sanders' Candidacy

The liberal Vermont senator is running to Clinton's left. Another candidate or two on the Democratic side might actually be a good thing for Clinton.

House Judiciary Committee Passes Bill To Limit NSA Spying

The House panel voted Thursday to advance a bill that would end the National Security Agency's bulk collection of Americans' phone records.

Returning To Vietnam Years After Fleeing War, A Man Finally Feels At Home

Duc Nguyen left Vietnam in 1975 as a boat person fleeing the communist advance. Now he has returned to an unlikely place — the seat of the communist government in Hanoi.