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Missouri Lawmakers Override Vetoes On Abortion, Guns

The state is set to expand gun rights and establish a 72-hour waiting period for women seeking abortions after lawmakers overruled vetoes by Gov. Jay Nixon.

WATCH: Carney, McCain Spar On CNN Over ISIS Strategy

The former White House press secretary went toe to toe with the Republican senator after President Obama's address to the nation about the Islamic State.

Islamic State Is A Serious Threat To U.S. Interests, Rubio Says

President Obama has laid out his strategy for dealing with militant members of the Islamic State. Steve Inskeep talks to Republican Sen. Marco Rubio for his reaction.

Opinion Pages Offer Support On Plan To Combat Islamic State

Editorials in major U.S. dailies signaled cautious backing of President Obama's plan to broaden an American-led offensive against the insurgency.
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Local Lawmakers Lining Up Behind President On ISIS Plan

President Barack Obama outlined his strategy to take on ISIS Wednesday night with airstrikes and by arming Iraqi Security Forces and Syrian opposition groups. While many lawmakers back the president, many urge him to seek congressional approval.


Obama Tells Nation Islamist Threat Could Reach U.S. Shores

The U.S. fight against the extremist group that calls itself Islamic State is expanding. President Obama's strategy includes expanding air strikes in Iraq and extending into neighboring Syria.

Congress Will Eventually Vote On Force Against Islamist Militants

Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Mike Rogers talks to Steve Inskeep about whether Congress will authorize military action against militant members of the Islamic State.

As Visible Villain, Islamic State Alters U.S. Political Calculus

For the first time since the killing of Osama bin Laden, the U.S. president has a symbolic figure to rail against — one potent enough to rally the country around.

Obama Called On Congress In His Speech. How Is It Answering?

The president said that he has the authority to address the threat from the Islamic State, but that he would welcome congressional support. Here's how members of Congress reacted online.

Transcript: President Obama On How U.S. Will Address Islamic State

The president delivered a prime-time televised address to the American people on his efforts to go after the group in Iraq and Syria.