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Government Funding Bill Rolls Back Trucker Rest Requirements

One of the many policy riders tucked inside the trillion-dollar spending bill reverses a rule that long-haul truckers take two nights off for every 70 hours they drive. Safety groups are angry.

Levin, Harkin, Coburn Among Senators Bidding Adieu

The end of the 113th Congress means a lot of goodbyes for retiring members and for those who lost in November. That means, at least for a moment, partisanship took some time off on the Senate floor.

Activists Gather On Washington Mall To Protest Police Violence

Civil rights leaders and other activists are marching in Washington, D.C., following the shooting deaths of blacks by police officers. NPR's Scott Simon speaks to reporter Hansi Lo Wang on the scene.

Outrage On The Left And Right As Senate Delays Spending Vote

The Senate is poised to pass the trillion-dollar spending bill that narrowly cleared the House this week, but anger about the measure from both parties has delayed the proceedings.
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Ex-Gov. McDonnell Faces A Decade In Prison

The United States Probation Office is recommending the former Virginia governor be sentenced to 10 years and one month following his conviction on corruption charges.
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Gov.-Elect Hogan Meets MoCo Delegation; Still Mum On Purple Line

Maryland Governor-Elect Larry Hogan met the solidly democratic Montgomery County delegation for the first time this week. But he's still saving his ideas about the Purple Line for after he takes office in January.

Outgoing Rep. Mike Rogers Reflects On Congressional Career

Robert Siegel speaks with Mike J. Rogers, outgoing chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Dingell Admitted To Hospital, One Day After Casting Last Vote In House

The long-serving Democrat's office didn't give details on Rep. John Dingell's condition, other than to say he was under observation and "resting comfortably."

Some Republicans Rethinking Party's Traditional Stands On Crime, Policing

After grand jury decisions in the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, there's been a surprising reaction from Republicans as the party of law and order rethinks its traditional stands on crime and policing.

Budget Bill Proves Perfect Flashpoint For Debate Among Democrats

Did the nail biter of a vote on the government funding bill expose rifts in the Democratic party that will cause the White House headaches next year?