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Final Votes Cast As Most Polls Begin To Close In New Hampshire

Polls are closing at this hour across much of New Hampshire after a day when state officials projected record voter turnout. Candidates are staked out around the state awaiting results.
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Maryland Senate Overrides Hogan Veto, Granting Voting Rights To Released Felons

The Maryland Senate Tuesday morning voted to override Gov. Larry Hogan's last remaining veto, granting voting rights to felons on parole. That means Democrats in the General Assembly have overridden all six of the Republican governor's vetoes from last year.

Court Orders Government To Explain The Holdup With 7,000 Clinton Emails

A federal judge wants the Department of Justice to formally explain why it hasn't been able to meet a deadline set for releasing all of Hillary Clinton's emails from her time as secretary of state.

Republicans Reject Obama's $4 Trillion Budget Proposal

President Obama delivered the final budget of his presidency to Congress on Tuesday. Republicans in Congress have declined to consider the proposal and even listen to the president's budget chief talk to them about it.

GOP Presidential Candidates Bring Torture Back Into The Spotlight

The GOP presidential hopefuls are trading attacks on the use of water boarding and other such harsh interrogation techniques. Donald Trump vows he would revive those techniques as president and has attacked Sen. Ted Cruz for opposing that idea. Many critics and studies, however, conclude that harsh techniques do not work.

Bernie Sanders Appears Poised To Defeat Hillary Clinton In New Hampshire

Going into the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, Sen. Bernie Sanders appeared poised to defeat rival Hillary Clinton in the state. NPR explores how meaningful such an outcome would be for each campaign going forward.

New Hampshire Voters Head To The Polls In First-In-The-Nation Primary

New Hampshire voters weigh in on the presidential candidates as they go to the polls on primary day.

What's At Stake For The Presidential Candidates In New Hampshire

NPR takes a look at what's at stake for the presidential candidates in the first-in-the-nation New Hampshire primary.

In New Hampshire, Mainstream Republicans Battle To Revive Campaigns

Several GOP candidates have a lot at stake Tuesday as results come in from New Hampshire. Donald Trump has been riding high in the polls there, while mainstream Republicans are battling to stay alive.

Password Security Is So Bad, President Obama Weighs In

In unveiling a sweeping plan to fund and revamp cybersecurity, the president asks citizens to consider using extra layers of security besides the password.