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America's Love Affair With Nationalism

In recent years, Americans have become more nationalistic in our politics, shopping habits, tattoos and even video games. What's behind the rise in patriotic fervor? And is it a good thing?

Republicans Satisfied With Presidential Field?

With GOP candidate Rick Perry's decline in some polls and calls for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to enter the race, some are wondering if the current field of Republican contenders has the gravitas to win the White House in 2012. Guest host Jacki Lyden discusses the GOP primary race with Republican strategists Mindy Finn and Ron Christie.

Florida GOP To Move Up Presidential Primary, Defying National Party

Sunshine State Republicans have long been expected to throw the 2012 GOP presidential primary-and-caucus season into its usual chaos.Reports Wednesday that legislators will schedule the state's primary on Jan. 31, a week earlier than the tentative date for the usual first-in-the-nation Iowa presidential caucuses, would accomplish that.

As Anita Perry Hits Campaign Trail, Five Things You Should Know

When Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced plans to run for president, his wife, Anita, urged him to get out of his "comfort zone." As she hits the trail in Iowa this week, we offer a brief look at her time as a nurse and advocate in the Lone Star State.

Obama Campaign Faces Uphill Battle In Colorado

President Obama won Colorado in the 2008 election, and Democrats hoped it was a sign that the Rocky Mountain West was turning from red to blue. But analysts say he faces a tougher contest there for re-election next year.

Christie's Denials Don't Squelch Candidacy Rumors

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has repeatedly said he does not plan on running for president in 2012. That hasn't quashed speculation that he'll reconsider. And nothing Christie said during an appearance at the Ronald Reagan Library in California seemed to dampen the hopes of his fans.