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Area Lawmakers Work To Change Budget Process

Deadlock in the Congressional budget progress has only further hurt Congress' standing in the public's eye. Two area lawmakers have ideas to change the process.

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Wolf Rebukes Norquist On House Floor

grover norquist

Virginia Rep. Frank Wolf (R) admonished the strict anti-tax policies of Grover Norquist, saying his fellow GOP lawmakers have to be more flexible to tackle the deficit.

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Ethics Task Force Rejected By D.C. Council

Council members resoundingly rejected Vincent Orange's ethics reform bill yesterday, saying the existing ethics reform effort needs time to take shape.


Obama, Banks Trade Fire In Debit-Card Debate

President Obama dived into the controversy over Bank of America's plan to start charging a monthly $5 fee for the use of its debit card, suggesting the bank is mistreating its customers. For its part, the bank says the new fee is designed to recoup the billions of dollars it is losing as a result of a consumer protection law.

Chris Christie Decides Not To Run For President

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie announced Tuesday that he will not seek the Republican presidential nomination.

Group Pushes For Corporate Tax Holiday

A group called Win America is pushing the government to allow companies to repatriate hundreds of billions of dollars in cash parked in offshore accounts. Normally, that money would be subject to a tax rate of up to 35 percent. But lobbyists are hoping to strike a deal that would temporarily lower the rate to about 5 percent. Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine published an article that shows how dozens of former congressional aides are part of this effort to help major corporations secure a massive tax break. Guy Raz talks to Jesse Drucker, an investigative reporter for Bloomberg.

Fed Chief Testifies On Capitol Hill

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told lawmakers on Capitol Hill Tuesday that the recovery has been much weaker than expected. He went on to say that Congress also has a role to play in getting the economy back on track. He said fostering healthy growth "is a shared responsibility."

Farm Bill: Direct Payments To Farmers May Dry Up In 2012

While many farmers and politicians acknowledge it's time to end direct payments to farmers, many argue that crop insurance payments are still needed to help them hedge their bets against the next big disaster.

N.J. Gov. Christie Says No To Run For GOP Presidential Nomination

"I asked for this job," he said of being governor. "I fought hard to get this job. And my job here isn't done. It just never felt right for me to leave."