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Candidates Congratulate Gingrich And Vow To Continue Nomination Fight

With South Carolina's primary now part of history, the candidates addressed supporters and looked toward the next primary battle. Watch their speeches via PBS NewsHour.

On Primary Day In South Carolina, Even Weddings Get Political

In South Carolina one wedding party found a political backdrop for their big day.

Gingrich's Upset Victory In S.C. Upends GOP Race

Newt Gingrich has beaten Mitt Romney in South Carolina. The question now becomes whether he can pull off that trick enough times in enough states to deny Romney the Republican presidential nomination.


'Dirty' Politics As Usual In South?

It's been said that if a candidate wins the South Carolina primary, he wins the party's nomination. But winning the state's vote sometimes means getting dirty.

South Carolina Primary: Live Blog And Results

The third major contest of the 2012 Republican presidential campaign — South Carolina's primary — was Saturday and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich won easily. Read through our live blogging and check out the latest vote results.

South Carolina: Another Unpredictable Point In Campaign Full Of Them

It's been a contest of surprises, with a series of candidates rising to the top to fill the anybody-but-Romney role. So it really shouldn't come as a surprise that on the day of the first-in-the-South primary in South Carolina, it's uncertain what the outcome will be or what comes next.

Florida's Unpopular Governor Retools His Image

Last year, Tea Party favorite and political outsider Rick Scott spent $70 million of his own money to get elected Florida's governor. Faced with a $3.5 billion budget shortfall, the former hospital CEO made unpopular cuts. Now Scott faces another big budget gap — and low approval ratings.

A Pollster's Preview Of The S.C. Primary

Clemson University political scientist Dave Woodard has spent the past week polling South Carolina voters ahead of Saturday's primary. Host Scott Simon talks to the former Republican political consultant about South Carolina politics and the results of his Palmetto Poll.