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Women Get Closer To Combat; Many PracticallyThere

The Pentagon announced last week that the military would now allow women to serve in jobs that would bring them closer to combat. Host Rachel Martin speaks with former Army sergeant Kayla Williams about the ramifications of the change.

The Contraception Compromise Plays Out Politically

This past week, the White House changed its requirements that faith-based employers include contraceptives in their health insurance plans, after Republicans and some Democrats opposed the policy on religious grounds. Host Rachel Martin talks with NPR's Mara Liasson and Barbara Bradley Hagerty.
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Republican Daniel Bongino Going After Maryland U.S. Senate Seat

A Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Maryland is far behind the incumbent in fundraising, but he's hoping to use popular anger with Congress to his advantage.


Obama's Budget Salvo Opens Next Political Fight

President Obama is scheduled Monday to release his proposed federal budget for the fiscal year that starts Oct. 1. House Republican leaders are likely to release their version in the coming days. Neither is likely to pass. Not that it matters — the spending level for the year was set in last summer's bill that settled the debt ceiling crisis.

What Greek Austerity Looks Like

Photojournalist Eirini Vourloumis moved back to her hometown of Athens, Greece, to cover the economic crisis. She found her country unrecognizable.

Mitt Romney Edges Ron Paul For Maine Victory

Bu the GOP presidential hopeful walked away without delegates in the nonbinding caucuses and tallied fewer votes in the state than he did four years ago. This time, he barely beat rival Ron Paul.

As CPAC Ends, Contest In Conservatism Goes On

Mitt Romney has struggled to prove his conservative authenticity to voters. At the Conservative Political Action Conference, he hardly uttered a sentence that didn't include the word "conservative." For this weekend — and the primary season in general — the calculation is simple: The more conservative, the better.

New Contraceptive Plan: A Successful Balancing Act?

President Obama announced a change of course Friday regarding religious institutions and birth control coverage. The administration, which seemed caught off guard by the strong opposition to its original policy, hopes to regain Catholic allies and maintain support from the women who put Obama in the White House.