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Reforms Needed For Virginia State Leave System


Virginia has hundreds of millions of unfunded liabilities on the books in the form of unused leave for state employees, a potential financial crisis in the making.


What Word Comes To Mind When You Think Of The GOP Candidates?

How to explain Herman Cain's ascent among Republican presidential candidates?Perhaps a partial reason is that he so far evokes more positive than negative responses among Republicans and GOP leaning independents in a Pew Research Center/Washington Post survey than two other highly touted candidates in the race, Mitt Romney and Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Obama Takes Aim At Republican Jobs Plan

Throughout his bus tour in the South, the president has pushed his American Jobs Act and hammered at the competing Republican plan. The GOP strategy, which many of the Republican presidential contenders have adopted, relies heavily on lower tax rates, more domestic energy production and fewer government regulations.

GOP Presidential Candidates Prepare To Debate In Nev.

The Republican candidates meet for another debate this evening, this one in Nevada. It will be the last in a series of six debates since late fall. In that time, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has firmly established himself as the man to beat for the GOP nomination. Melissa Block talks to NPR's Mara Liasson for more.
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PG County Holds Special Election

A special election to replace former councilwoman Leslie Johnson is underway in Prince George's County. Polls are open until 8 p.m.

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Redistricting Plan Passes Maryland Senate

Governor Martin O'Malley's redistricting plan passed through the Maryland Senate on Tuesday, largely along party lines.


Illegal Immigration A Central Issue In GOP Race

Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain have engaged in a round of one-upmanship on the issue, with Bachmann promising to build a double fence on the U.S.-Mexico border and Cain saying he would electrify the border fence. A number of Latino republicans warn that their party risks alienating Latino voters.

Report: Truck With Obama's Teleprompter Stolen

Filled with gear, including a presidential seal, that is used at presidential events, the truck was quickly recovered. But whether everything inside was still there isn't yet known. It all happened in Virginia.