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Despite Florida, GOP Concerns About Romney Linger

Mitt Romney's huge win in Florida positions him well for the contests ahead. The only thing the Florida outcome failed to do, some critics maintain, was present a convincing case that Romney is the best possible Republican candidate to take on President Obama.

Romney Wins Big Over Gingrich In Florida Primary

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney beat former House Speaker Newt Gingrich by a commanding margin of 14 points Tuesday night. Rick Santorum and Ron Paul, who barely campaigned in the state, came in third and fourth.

S.C. Momentum Doesn't Help Gingrich In Florida

Newt Gingrich had hoped that his win in the South Carolina primary earlier this month would give him momentum going into Tuesday's nominating contest in Florida. But it didn't. He lost to Mitt Romney by 14 points.

A Confident Romney Crowd Celebrates In Miami-Dade

Mitt Romney supporters celebrated across Florida Tuesday night. The former Massachusetts governor picked up a key endorsement from Hispanic lawmakers — and that made a difference for at least some GOP voters.

Photo Gallery: GOP Primary In Florida

The Republican candidates worked to rally their supporters as Florida voters went to the polls.

As Polls Close, A Look At Florida's Primary

Polls are starting to close in Florida. Audie Cornish talks to NPR's Ari Shapiro and NPR's Don Gonyea for more.
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The Hill: Senate Gets A New Parliamentarian

The position of parliamentarian for the U.S. Senate is not one that gets a lot of attention, but as the position changes hands and goes to Elizabeth MacDonough, it could have implications on the future of Congress.


Romney Wins Florida Primary, Routing Gingrich

A relentless series of attacks against Newt Gingrich led to a significant victory for Mitt Romney in Florida, the largest state to vote so far. Romney now takes his newfound momentum into Saturday's Nevada caucuses.
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O'Malley Testifies In Favor Of Gay Marriage Bill

Governor Martin O'Malley broadcasted his support of same-sex marriage in Maryland Tuesday, testifying in support of a bill that would legalize it.