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Delegate Process Could Make Race A Long(er) Haul

Nearly two months into the GOP primary season, presumed front-runner Mitt Romney hasn't driven away his opponents. Will the GOP presidential nominee be decided before this summer's convention?
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New Study Eyes Wind Power Potential In Maryland

Maryland lawmakers are considering the results of a study which says that tapping into the budding wind power industry would be a major boon for the state economy.


Bob Kerrey (The Man, Not The Bridge) To Run For Senate

After sending mixed signals in his customary style, former Bob Kerrey, the former U.S. senator from Nebraska, has decided to run for the Senate again, which some Senate Democrats see as improving their chances to hold onto control of the chamber.
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National Journal: Congress More Partisan Than Ever

According to a study, Congress is as divided along partisan lines as it has ever been, though lawmakers in Maryland and Virginia vary widely across the political spectrum.


Snowe Retirement Launches Political Feeding Frenzy

There was a political scramble in Maine after Tuesday's surprise retirement announcement from Olympia Snowe, one of the state's two Republican senators.

Former GOP Chairs Weigh In On Upcoming Primaries

Robert Siegel talks to three former GOP party chairmen and governors about the results of Tuesday's primaries in Michigan and Arizona. Haley Barbour of Mississippi says the campaign should now focus on social issues. Marc Racicot of Montana agrees, but says attention must be paid to those who care about such issues, and Jim Gilmore of Virginia says he feels a connection must be made between the GOP and blue collar voters.

Romney Turns Attention To Ohio, Super Tuesday

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, who narrowly won Michigan's Republican primary on Tuesday, traveled south to campaign in Toledo, Ohio on Wednesday. Ohio holds its primary next week on Super Tuesday.

Romney Continues Hitting Santorum For Robocalls To Mich. Democrats

Romney's campaign was out with a new web video meant to remind Republicans in Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia with primary elections in less than a week that Santorum sough votes from Michigan Democrats. For Romney, it was a chance to gain the upper hand as each man in the struggle to persuade Republican voters that he is the truer conservative and his rival is merely a pretender.