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Why Lobbyists Dodge Calls From Congressmen

We imagine the lobbyist stalking the halls of Congress trying to use cash to influence important people. But often, the Congressman is stalking the lobbyist, asking for money.
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Virginia Budget Passes Without Silver Line Funding

Sen. Charles Colgan of Prince William County broke with Virginia Democrats today, lending his support to the $85 billion GOP budget plan, which conspicuously lacks $300 million in funding for the Silver Line.


Obama, Romney Use Opposing Versions Of 'Are You Better Off?'

While Mitt Romney's argument is that President Obama doesn't deserve a second term, Obama is essentially framing his "are you better off" case against Romney as the former Massachusetts governor representing a potential third term for President George W. Bush.

Most Small Businesses Don't Quite Fit The Political Picture

The House is scheduled to vote Thursday on a GOP measure to cut taxes on small businesses, ostensibly to create jobs. An analysis of government data shows that most small businesses don't have any employees beyond the owner. To qualify for the new tax break, they'd have to change that.

With Eye On November, Romney To Expand Campaign

Now that he's all but certain to be the Republican challenging President Obama in November, Mitt Romney has begun to bulk up his operations. The president's campaign is already well-staffed and spread across the map, so it's become a game of catch-up for Romney.

Romney, Obama Hold Dueling Events In Key States

Some new national polls show the presidential race is now a dead heat. Others suggest President Obama has a narrow lead, and still others find public opinion favoring Republican challenger Mitt Romney. Mara Liasson talks to Audie Cornish about the race and other political news.