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Gay Marriage Lawsuit Presses For Survivor Benefits

The Defense Of Marriage Act prohibits the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages — and that means Social Security benefits don't pass on to surviving partners. A lawsuit seeks the same benefits given to heterosexual married couples.
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In Maryland's 6th District, Delaney Will Take On Bartlett

Maryland businessman John Delaney got the Democratic nod in Maryland's contentious 6th district, and he will face incumbent Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R), who won the GOP primary in the recently redrawn district.


A Primary Hat Trick: Romney Wins Wisconsin, Maryland And D.C.

After Tuesday's wins, the road to victory is clear for Romney and increasingly rocky and unlikely for Rick Santorum

GSA Clown-Conference Scandal Could Hurt Other Agencies

A public-policy expert makes the point that the reaction to the GSA scandal could lead to a pernicious development, the government equivalent of cutting off one's nose to spite one's face. In an attempt to prevent such future excesses, cuts could be made to federal agency budgets that actually decrease not improve government's ability to wisely manage its spending.
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Virginia Assembly Targets Weekend Deadline For Budget

Legislators in Virginia have targeted this weekend as a deadline to reconcile the House and Senate versions of a state budget passed in the Commonwealth, with conferees reporting manageable differences.


Will 2008's Surge In Young Voters Continue In 2012?

Historically, young people have been much less likely to vote than older Americans. That trend has started to change in recent presidential elections, including in 2008, when Democrat Barack Obama capitalized on the under-30 vote. But political analysts say young voters in 2012 are harder to read.
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D.C. Primary Turnout Sluggish In Early Hours

Turnout was slow in the early hours of the D.C. primary election on Tuesday, as residents of the District weigh in on candidates for four wards as well as the Presidential race.

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Analysis: JOBS Act May Bridge Gap Between Obama, Cantor

President Obama is expected to sign the JOBS Act on Thursday, and he's invited House Majority Leader Eric Cantor to the White House for the ceremony. Could this be the beginning of a working relationship?