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Five Things To Watch For Tuesday In Wisconsin, Maryland, D.C.

Impressive wins Tuesday could help Mitt Romney further the growing sense in his party that resistance is futile, that he will be the nominee. It would also make his rivals' arguments for staying in the race, especially those of Rick Santorum, the last not-Romney to pose a threat, sound ever more forced and divorced from political reality.

As Wisconsin Heads To Polls, Romney And Santorum Vie For Last-Minute Support

In Wisconsin, Maryland and the District of Columbia, polls show Mitt Romney with a wide lead. Yet Rick Santorum continues to campaign as relentlessly as ever.
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Embattled D.C. Political Donor Receives Millions In City Contracts

Jeffrey Thompson has not only given hundreds of thousands in campaign donations to the D.C. government; his businesses also gotten hundreds of millions in contracts from the D.C. government over the past decade.


Romney Hopes To Add To Great Lakes Winning Streak

In the Republican race for the presidential nominee, there are three contests Tuesday: Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Wisconsin. Former Massachusetts Go. Mitt Romney campaigned in Wisconsin Monday, where he's expected to win. At an oil company in Milwaukee, he urged Wisconsin voters to help him continue the winning pattern.

Santorum Urges Wisconsin Supporters To Vote

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum is not bowing out of the GOP race for president. On Monday, he campaigned in Wisconsin ahead of Tuesday's primary. He urged the several dozen people who showed up at one rally to take the day off from work and get their friends to the polls.

Do Negative Ads Make A Difference? Political Scientists Say Not So Much

Blistering political ads like the Swift Boat attacks on John Kerry in 2004 may not be as decisive as politicians think. Political scientists say if voters already know a candidate, negative ads don't have much of an impact.

Obama Administration Officials Tripped Up By Clown, Comedian, Mindreader

The GSA conference with the clown, comedian and mindreader is the kind of embarrassing story any administration wants to avoid on its watch, especially at a time of fiscal austerity when federal workers are coming under attack from some conservatives and a general election looms for a president seeking a second term.

As A Politician, Romney's Long Had Trouble Talking Cars

Mitt Romney has had issues in this campaign with cars. There was his "two Cadillacs" comment in February, and news last week about a car elevator in a remodeled California home. But audio from 2004 shows that talking about cars also gave Romney pause during his time as Massachusetts governor.