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Justice Department Sues Florida As Voter Battle Intensifies

The department says Florida is violating federal law as it tries to remove noncitizens from its voter registration rolls. In turn, Florida officials say the federal government is partly to blame.

Where Are The Democratic Billionaires?

Democrats knew that they would be disadvantaged under the new campaign finance rules created by the Supreme Court. But the disparity between the amount of money Republicans can raise in unlimited anonymous donations and what the Democrats have been able to raise is huge.

Justice Department To Sue Fla. Over Voter Purge

The Department of Justice is suing the state of Florida over its efforts to purge the state's voter registration lists of non-citizens. The agency argues that the effort is being conducted too close to the August 14 primary, in violation of federal law. Florida officials counter that their efforts have been delayed because the federal government has not shared a database of non-citizens to help it clean up its voter registration lists. It's part of an escalating fight between the Obama administration and Republican-led states over voter laws.

Will Beer And Brats Break Through Wisconsin's Partisan Divide?

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is reaching across the aisle to Democrats with bratwurst and beer tonight, but who's biting? A few pols have already bowed out, despite the three brands of brats and several local beers on offer.

Romney Puts Distance Between Him And Himself On Public-Worker Hiring

After boldly declaring last week that voters didn't want more teachers, police and firefighters, Mitt Romney shifted his stance Tuesday. In a Fox News appearance, he clearly was distancing himself from his statement of four days earlier.
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D.C. Council To Vote On Interim Chair

The D.C. Council will vote on a new interim chairman tomorrow, and Council member Mary Cheh is gathering support for at-large Council member Phil Mendelson to take the seat.