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Week In Politics: Primaries And Obama Campaign

Melissa Block talks to our regular political commentators — E.J. Dionne of The Washington Post and Brookings Institution, and David Brooks of the New York Times — about the GOP primaries and President Obama's re-election campaign.

North Carolina Polling Firm Spotlighted During Race

Public Policy Polling is a Democratic-leaning survey firm based in North Carolina. Within just a few years of its founding, the company has become one of the most prolific polling outfits in the country. And during this election cycle, its polls have strengthened their reputation for predictive accuracy.

Obama Spreads (Tele)Phony Story About Long-Dead President

President Obama told a story about his predecessor Rutherford B. Hayes questioning the future utility of the telephone, portraying the 19th president as blinkered to the future. Unfortunately, there's no record of the Hayes story being true.

Wisconsin Recall Target Decides To Quit Instead

A Wisconsin recall election will go ahead as planned even though its target, one of four Republican state senators facing recalls, said Friday that she's resigning.

Some Backers Think What Ails Illinois Could Be Romney's Tonic On Tuesday

Illinois is in the worst fiscal shape of any state in the country. And that could be good news for Mitt Romney on Tuesday, when Illinois holds its primary, at least according to state Treasurer Dan Rutherford, who backs the former Massachusetts governor.
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WaPo's McCartney: Investigation Linking Money Orders And D.C. Council Members Continues

A WAMU investigation found suspicious money orders linking Jeffrey Thompson to Council member Vincent Orange and Mayor Vincent Gray.

It's All Politics, March 15, 2012

Is the battle for the GOP presidential nomination about history? Or is it about math? Santorum may be getting big headlines with his primary wins, but it's Romney who is advancing further to the magic 1,144 number. And more defeats mean more pressure on Gingrich to pull out.