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Are 8 Heads Better Than 1 At Fixing Europe's Debt?

The Group of Eight is meeting at Camp David this weekend. The setting is leisurely, but there's nothing relaxing about the timing of the summit. While leaders may agree about the need for growth in the debt-ridden European economy, addressing the crisis is easier said than done.

Hollande, Obama Talk Greece Before G-8 Summit

New French President Francois Hollande visited President Obama at this White House on Friday afternoon. The two leaders will also travel to Camp David for the G-8 economic summit.

Missile Defense A Divisive Topic At NATO Summit

Russia and the U.S. are trying hard to bridge their differences over the U.S. plan to build a missile defense system in Europe. Russia holds deep suspicions that the system is actually a plan to counter Russian nuclear missiles, not to protect Europe and the Middle East from Iranian missiles. The issue is an urgent one as NATO gets ready to hold a summit in Chicago and formalize its commitment to missile defense in Europe.

Haven't Registered To Vote Yet? They're Coming For You

Campaigns, political parties, interest groups — they're all ramping up to register millions of potential voters. The Pew Center on the States estimates there are 51 million unregistered Americans who are eligible to vote. The belief is that even a small number of them could swing the results.
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G8 Summit Protesters Gather In Maryland

Eight of the world's top industrial nations met in Maryland this weekend to discuss the state of the economy, and protesters of all stripes gathered to spread their discontent with the status quo.


George W. Bush Will Return To The White House, Briefly

Former President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, are expected to return to their home of eight years for the unveiling of their official portraits.

TED's 'Explicitely Partisan' Talk, Briefly Barred From Its Site, Now Everywhere

A TED Talk challenging conventional wisdom that rich entrepreneurs are the number one job creators is now available for public viewing, after TED organizers originally kept the video private because it was too "explicitly partisan."

Romney Phones His Campaign Message Into Swing States

Romney took friendly questions by phone from five participants in swing states on Friday. He told those on the call "You folks are going to have a big say in who our next president is" and that they were not called "by random."