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An Adviser To Both Plans Explains The Differences

John McDonough, director of Harvard's Center for Public Health Leadership, helped shape both the Massachusetts health reform plan and the national one. He spoke about how the plans stack up — and how former Gov. Mitt Romney might have trouble keeping his campaign pledge to let states opt out of the federal plan.

A Tale Of Two Health Plans: Romney Versus Obama

How does the Massachusetts health care plan passed under Gov. Mitt Romney stack up against the federal plan signed by President Obama? Five ways "Romneycare" and "Obamacare" are similar — and five key differences.

Farm Subsidies Birds And Fish Would Choose

In farm communities, there are mixed feelings on conservation payments. Farmer Don Teske, of Wheaton, Kansas, says "the perception is that you're being paid to do nothing." They don't want to be park rangers, they want to farm.

Can Obama, Republicans Connect With Latino Voters?

President Obama is starting a bus tour through North Carolina and Virginia, where he's going to promote his jobs plan and try sparking the energy that helped him win those states in 2008. Also, as GOP hopefuls prepare to debate Tuesday, a new national poll of prospective Latino voters shows 21 percent support for GOP front-runner Herman Cain — compared to 64 percent for Obama. Michel Martin talks politics with Washington Post National Political Reporter Nia-Malika and Latino Decisions Pollster Matt Barreto.

Politics Heating Up Over Labeling Genetically-Modified Foods

Scientists and regulators have concluded time and time again that labeling genetically modified foods is unnecessary because they are no different than other foods. But food policy experts say just label them, already, so people can make their own choices.

Who's Winning 'The Media Primary'?

Think of the past few months as the prologue to the 2012 presidential election story. A new study from the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism reveals which candidates have gotten the most media attention during that time — and whether it's been positive or negative. The results may surprise you.

Times Have Changed Since Reagan's 1986 Tax Reform

In 1986, another politically divided Congress approved the biggest tax code overhaul in the nation's history. Though much has changed since then, today's Congress faces a similar tax crisis with a fast-approaching deadline to decide on a plan.

Financial Reports Shed Little Light On GOP Race

President Obama's campaign reported the hefty sum of $61 million cash on hand as of Sept. 30, but at this point in the election contest, that's one of few things that are clear about the race for the White House.