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Maryland Dream Act Awaits Senate Vote

The Maryland Senate could vote during a rare night session Monday on a bill that would allow illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition rates at state colleges and universities.

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Report On Parks And Recreation Scandal Clears Fenty

A yearlong investigation into a contracting scandal in the District -- involving the administration of former Mayor Adrian Fenty -- has found no wrongdoing.

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Bill For Federal Subway Standards Sponsored By Local Senators

Some lawmakers from Maryland and Virginia are introducing a bill in Congress to establish federal standards for subway systems, including D.C.'s Metro. This isn't the first time such a bill has been considered.

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Maryland State Workers Rally Over Health Care, Pensions

Thousands of state workers are marching on the Maryland State House for a rally they're calling "Enough is Enough: Keep the Promise." They're protesting plans that include raising their health care costs by 10 percent and making them wait longer before they can qualify for retirement benefits.

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Maryland Gay Rights Group 'Will Continue To Fight'

A Maryland-based gay rights organization says they don't feel defeated by the House of Delegates' decision to send the same-sex marriage bill back to committee.

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Muslim Community Says Hearings Structured Unfairly

Representative Peter King's Homeland Security hearings on radicalization are drawing intense reactions from some members of the Muslim community in the D.C. area. Some say these hearings overlook one, very important fact.

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Catania Calls Council Draft Report On Gray Hiring A "Whitewash"

In the District, questions of nepotism, steep salaries, and questionable hires continue to hound Mayor Vincent Gray and his new administration. And sparks flew at a city council meeting looking at these issues and how the council should respond.