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As It Returns, Congress Has Full Plate

Congress returns to Washington this week after taking most of August off. On tap this week: Twelve budget bills, a possible fight over a roads bill, a meeting of a new "supercommittee" to cut the budget deficit. To start it off: a jobs speech by President Obama to a rare, joint session.

GOP Candidates Hit Campaign Trail

The latest on President Obama's campaign as well as those of his many GOP challengers, including Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

SuperPACs, Explained (By Stephen Colbert's Lawyer)

The TV comic's political action committee — Americans For A Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow — is just one of hundreds of outside groups legally allowed to make "unlimited independent expenditures" in the 2012 presidential race. But the people who run those groups are increasingly close to the candidates themselves.

Restrictions On SuperPACs Not Super Clear

There's a superPAC supporting every major presidential candidate; Texas Gov. Rick Perry has three. Rules from the Federal Election Commission and the Securities and Exchange Commission aim to keep the superPACs operating independently, but the rules' implementation is not clear-cut.

President Obama will address a joint session of Congress to talk about the economy and his jobs creation plan.


In Jobs Debate, GOP Targets 'Regulatory Burdens'

As President Obama prepares to present his plan to boost employment, House GOP leaders are promising a competing jobs program — one that would repeal or weaken what they call job-killing regulations, especially on the environment.
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More Than 100 Arrested Protesting Oil Pipeline

A Maryland state senator and more than 100 other people were arrested in front of the White House for protesting a proposal to build an oil pipeline from Canada to Texas.


House GOP: Approval Of Special Olympics Torch Run Trumps Obama Address

House Republicans say no to Obama's address Wednesday night, and yes to the "Civilian Service Recognition Act" and Special Olympics torch run contemplation.

Jobs Data Cast Pall Over Obama's Upcoming Speech

Friday's dismal jobs report raises the stakes for President Obama as he prepares to unveil a new jobs plan next week. So far, Republicans in Congress have shown little interest in the president's proposals. And the economic slowdown suggests that political gridlock has a growing price tag.