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Former 'Car Czar' Takes On Auto Bailout And Bain

Three years ago, Steven Rattner was tapped to help lead the Obama administration's bailout of the U.S. auto industry. He's since left the world of politics, but finds himself in the middle of two controversies leading up to November's presidential election.

Texas Vote Boosts Romney Amid 'Birther' Revival

Mitt Romney says his win in the Texas primary puts him over the top in the delegate count and secures his nomination as the Republican candidate for president. Meanwhile, Donald Trump resurrected the "birther" debate at a Las Vegas fundraiser for Romney.

GOP Chairman Says Recall Outcome Could Help Turn Wisconsin Red In November

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus predicts that if Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker survives a recall election next week, it could help Mitt Romney in the fall. Wisconsin voters backed Barack Obama in 2008, and a loss there would mean "lights out" for Obama's re-election, Priebus says.

For Romney, The People May Trump The Money In Associating With The Donald

What Mitt Romney is looking for in Donald Trump is something he can't get from other billionaires. It is populist appeal. Trump has star power the way Sarah Palin had star power, except you won't catch him retreating to Alaska and renouncing it.
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Maryland Same-Sex Marriage Opponents Submit Huge Petition

Opponents of Maryland's newly enacted same-sex marriage law have submitted more than 100,000 signatures on a petition to put the measure to a referendum vote in November. 


Trump Comments Overshadow Romney's Texas Win

Mitt Romney won the GOP presidential primary in Texas Tuesday night. By some counts, that gives him the last delegates he needed to formally secure the Republican nomination. He celebrated in Las Vegas with a campaign event and a fundraiser. But his victory was overshadowed by campaign surrogate Donald Trump who has a gift for finding the spotlight.

GOP Michigan Congressman To Run Write-In Campaign

Thaddeus McCotter's campaign fell far short of the number of petition signatures he needs to qualify for the August primary ballot. Compounding his troubles: It appears election fraud may have played a part in the failure.