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Small Businesses Get Big Political Hype. What's The Reality?

The one thing politicians seem to agree on is the value of small businesses — and they love, love, love to talk about them. But the intense focus on small businesses may overstate the economic case.

If You Hate Tax Day, Just Wait Until Next Year

More than 99 million federal taxpayers had filed their returns as of Tuesday, with more than 80 million of those expecting a refund. But if Congress and the president don't act, 2012 could mark the end of more than a decade of rock-bottom taxes.
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DC Vote Renews Push For Budget Autonomy On Capitol Hill

Activists turned up at the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday to renew the battle for budget autonomy, as the looming specter of government shutdown prompts more residents to action.

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Gary Knell

NPR chief executive Gary Knell talks about the future of public radio.


Obama-Romney Poll-A-Palooza: What Does It Mean?

A slew of new national polls show President Obama leading presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney — except when he isn't. With 200-plus days until the election, here's a guide to navigating the confounding world of poll watching.

Former Romney Adviser: Veep Hunt Could Lead To Portman

In a conversation about what qualities Mitt Romney, the presumptive GOP nominee, might seek in a person to fill out his national ticket, GOP consultant Mike Murphy told NPR's Melissa Block the worse thing would be to go for the political equivalent of a sugar high. That happened in 2008 with Sarah Palin. He thinks the GOP learned its lesson. Thus, he thinks Sen. Rob Portman looms large for Romney.