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Global Health Expert Chosen As World Bank Nominee

President Obama's pick to lead the World Bank is an unconventional choice with a background in global health and development. The current monetary group head has a trade and economic background. Jim Yong Kim currently serves as president of Dartmouth College.

Memo: Corzine Ordered MF Global Customer Funds Moved To London

In congressional testimony, the former New Jersey governor said he did not know where missing customer funds had gone.

Trayvon Martin Tragedy Edges Onto Presidential Campaign Trail

President Obama made his first public comments Friday about the Trayvon Martin shooting, which opened him up to approval and suspicion in this racially and politically polarized nation.

How Would A President Romney Handle Afghanistan?

A U.S. Army staff sergeant's alleged massacre of Afghan civilians has raised calls for the U.S. to leave Afghanistan before the end-of-2014 timetable set by President Obama. Even some Republican presidential candidates are saying it is time to end the war. But not Mitt Romney.

The Legal Wunderkind Challenging The Health Law

Paul Clement is the lead lawyer for those challenging Obama's health care law in the Supreme Court next week. Clement is described as a walking superlative — once the youngest-ever U.S. solicitor general and now, at 45, a pre-eminent advocate who has argued an astonishing 57 cases before the court.

Gun Range Incident Casts Shadow On Santorum Event

Louisiana holds its Republican primary on Saturday. Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum — who holds a commanding lead in the state — spent the day campaigning there. A spectator said the former Pennsylvania senator should imagine President Obama was the target.
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Analysis: JOBS Act Passes, But Paralysis Remains On Highways Bill

Sen. Barbara Mikulsi (D-Md.) is urging Congress to move on a Senate transportation bill that could result in increased federal regulation for Metro.


It's All Politics, March 22, 2012

Mitt Romney has an impressive victory in Illinois, gets Jeb Bush's backing, revives the inevitability argument and then gets bogged down in an Etch A Sketch distraction. Plus: Illinois primary results, and Barbara Mikulski breaks a record. NPR's Ken Rudin and Ron Elving have this week's roundup.