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5 Things You May Not Know About Rick Perry

He believes in cutting taxes, rolling back regulations, balancing the budget and increasing domestic energy production. Here are a few other things politics watchers will tell you that you might not know about Perry.
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Increase Gubernatorial Term Limits, Virginia Dems Say

Democrats in Virginia's House of Delegates are calling for a state amendment to extend the term limit for the governor's office beyond one term, saying it would force those in office to make better long-term decisions.


GOP Frontrunners Spar In Lead Up To Iowa Caucus

Newt Gingrich has surged in the polls, but will trading jabs with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney pay off? In this week's political chat, host Michel Martin speaks with journalists Joy-Ann Reid and Mary Kate Cary about the race to win the GOP presidential nomination.

Fate Of Payroll Tax Cut, Jobless Benefits Uncertain As Lawmakers Haggle

Once again, Democrats and Republicans are at odds over taxes and other issues — and extensions of programs including benefits for the long-term unemployed are being delayed. They're "stumbling from impasse to impasse," the Los Angeles Times writes.

On The Hill, Gingrich Made Friends And Enemies

Newt Gingrich has spent decades weaving relationships in and around government — starting with his successful campaign to win the House majority back in the early 1990s. Some of his most ardent supporters now worked with him back then — but some of his angriest opponents did, too.

As Governor, Romney Balanced Budget By Hiking Fees

Mitt Romney says that as governor of Massachusetts, he toed the Republican line and refused to raise taxes. But how was Romney able to govern a cash-strapped state for four years? We take a closer look at his actual record on taxes.

New Gary, Ind., Mayor Has A Big Job Ahead Of Her

Karen Freeman-Wilson is the first African-American woman ever to be elected mayor in the state of Indiana. But she isn't interested in that symbolism. As Gary's new mayor, Freeman-Wilson says her goal is to make Gary "the next comeback story in the Rust Belt."
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D.C. Council Digs In On Corporate Contributions

Campaign filings show the D.C. Council is relying more on corporate contributions for their campaigns than in years past, which calls into question their resistance to closing the LLC loophole in ethics legislation.