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On Citizenship Question, Bachmann Not So Neutral

Under assault from conservative blogs and facing some skepticism in Minnesota, where she's up for re-election, Rep. Michele Bachmann wants to give back her just-revealed Swiss citizenship. But apparently it's a status she has enjoyed — at least technically — for three decades.

Obama's Gay Marriage Stance Stirs Black Community

President Barack Obama's announcement this week that he supports same-sex marriage has spurred a heated dialogue among the African-American community. Audie Cornish talks to Corey Dade about the ramifications of the president's remarks and what would it mean for Democrats.

ALEC Act Would Give Legislatures Power Over AGs

The conservative group that helped spread Florida's Stand Your Ground gun law across the country holds a closed-door issues conference in Charlotte on Friday. On its agenda is legislation that would prevent a state's attorney general from pursuing lawsuits except as authorized by the state legislature. Peter Overby is at the conference and talks with Audie Cornish.

Head Of Shrek's Studio Puts Millions Behind Obama

Some two dozen Americans have given $1 million or more to superPACs in the 2012 presidential campaign. The vast majority of them have been Republicans, but Jeffrey Katzenberg, the head of DreamWorks Animation, has chipped in $2 million to help out the superPAC supporting President Obama.
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Federal Cuts Put Squeeze On Criminal Justice Funding

Virginia's law enforcement agencies are planning to do more with less as federal funding cuts have put the squeeze on criminal justice programs in the Commonwealth.


It's All Politics, May 10, 2012

Gay marriage gets an advocate in the White House, but only after Biden has his say. Obama's announcement came a day after N.C. voters rejected the concept. Dick Lugar's Senate career comes to an end in Indiana. And in the W. Va. primary, Obama defeats a jailed felon from Texas, 59-41 percent.

Why Race Could Color The Vote Against Obama

A new study shows eligible voters who favored whites over blacks- either consciously or unconsciously- also favored Republican candidates relative to Barack Obama. Psychologist Anthony Greenwald discusses the results and why racial attitudes continue to predict voter preference in 2012.