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Health Care Ruling To Fuel Presidential Campaigns

The Supreme Court surprised a lot of people Thursday when it upheld the heart of President Obama's health care overhaul law. That is the requirement that everyone either have insurance or pay a fine or a tax. The decision was a big victory for Obama but it also gave his GOP rival Mitt Romney some opportunities.

Undeterred, GOP Vows To Repeal Health Care Law

Congressional Republicans reacted to the Supreme Court's validation of President Obama's health care law with a promise to repeal the law.

Results Of Court's Decision Will Be 'Devastating'

For some elected officials in Florida, Thursday's Supreme Court decision came as an unexpected shock. Republican Governor Rick Scott and his administration have done as little as possible to comply with the law. Now they have some tough decisions to make.

Court's Health Ruling Excites GOP, But Will Voters Remember In November?

One of the greatest unknowns right now is whether the Supreme Court's decision will significantly change the public's opinion of the health care law. Until Thursday, numerous polls indicated a majority of voters opposed the law. The court's seal of approval could help change that.

The Reaction In Florida: From Protesting To Partying

The Supreme Court's decision to uphold nearly all of the federal health care law produced very different reactions in Central Florida. Josephine Mercado, the founder of a health care nonprofit, says she plans to party. But congressional hopeful Todd Long says it's a blow to Americans' freedom.
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The Politics Hour

Kojo and Tom Sherwood analyze the week's action at the U.S. Supreme Court from a local perspective.