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Third Woman Accuses Herman Cain Of Harassment; Witness Goes Public

A third woman told a news organization Herman Cain sexually harassed her when both worked at the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s. And in another stunning turn, a Republican pollster said he actually witnessed Cain's alleged harassment of a trade group worker.

In Voter ID Debate, A Few Go Against Party Lines

In the debate over new voter ID laws, Democrats are accusing Republicans of trying to suppress votes and Republicans are accusing Democrats of condoning voter fraud. It's a sharp partisan divide, but a few people are going against the tide — and they're getting some political heat.

In Kansas, Politics Over 'Obamacare' Strains Policy

Republican Gov. Sam Brownback, who has vowed to fight the new federal health care law, sent back a $31.5 million federal grant to start modernizing computer systems. Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger says the governor is betting that the new health law will be repealed — and she worries it's not sound policy.

Ohio Union Bill Vote As Possible '12 Bellwether

Voters in Ohio go to the polls Tuesday to decide, among other issues, whether to keep the controversial law that stripped public unions of much of their collective bargaining powers. Senate Bill 5 sparked large-scale protests at the statehouse in Columbus and inspired similar bills in other states.

Herman Cain And The Race Card

Here we go again with the race-card business.Questioning the motives of those seeking the truth about the sexual harassment allegations against him when he led the National Restaurant Association, Herman Cain said he suspects critics on the political left of attacking him for racial reasons.
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The Hill: Compromise Needed In Super Committee

The Hill senior staff writer Alex Bolton says the expectation is that Republicans are going to have to offer more in order to reach a deal on cutting the budget deficit.

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High Stakes In Virginia Elections

Election Day is less than a week away, and the races in Virginia are expected to foreshadow the state's political climate for the coming year and the 2012 General Election.