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It's Almost Caucus Time: Candidates Hone Last-Minute Messages

As the hours tick away toward Tuesday evening's first important contest of the 2012 presidential election season, the frontrunners are looking to hold their positions and the rest are trying to survive to fight again next week In New Hampshire.

'Lonely' Jon Huntsman Won't Be Solo In N.H. Much Longer

While the other GOP contenders focus on Tuesday's Iowa caucuses, the former Utah governor continues to concentrate on next week's New Hampshire primary. But he's going to have company in the Granite State very soon.

A Quick Look At The Year Ahead

As the new year gets under way, we take a quick temperature check on some key areas to see what the prognosis might be. The topics: politics — domestic and global — and economics.
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GOP Candidates Strive to Distinguish Themselves

It's an anti-Washington year, and that fact is being used against many Republicans presidential candidates.


2012: A Better Year, Unless Europe's Debt Blows It Up

The year that passed disappointed both investors and job seekers. Economists think the new year will be a bit better, with GDP growth rising to 2.4 percent. Much depends on European leaders' ability to fix the ongoing debt crisis; they may find a solution in 2012, but consequences are dire if not.

2012 Elections May Settle Scores In The Senate, Too

While all focus on has been on the future of the White House, the fate of the Senate hangs in the balance of 2012 as well. Host Audie Cornish talks with Jennifer Duffy of the Cook Political Report about what's at stake in the U.S. Senate.

GOP Candidates Join Another Party For New Year's

How did the Republican candidates celebrate the new year in Iowa? NPR's Sonari Glinton finds out.

A New Year's Forecast For The Health Care Bill

One of the biggest political question marks going into 2012 is the fate of the Affordable Health Care for America Act. Audie Cornish speaks with Noam Levey of the Los Angeles Times about what's ahead for Americans in terms of health care in the new year, including a constitutional challenge to the law's mandatory health care provision.

Iowa Reluctantly Warms To Romney

Many Iowa Republicans still have misgivings about Mitt Romney, but those concerns may to be melting away for some. The final poll by the Des Moines Register puts Romney slightly in the lead in Iowa, just ahead of Congressman Ron Paul.