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Perry Campaign Tries To Right Debate 'Oops'

Texas Gov. Rick Perry drew a blank at last night's GOP presidential debate, forgetting one of three federal agencies he would eliminate if he becomes president.

Was It 'Survivor,' Or Was It The Presidential Debate?

Can you tell the difference between the quotes from Survivor contestants and the quotes from contenders in Wednesday night's presidential primary debate? Take our quiz and find out.

Perry Says He 'Stepped In It' At Debate, And Many Agree

His performance at Wednesday night's GOP presidential debate might be the stuff of history — the kind of history that candidates don't like to make. Thursday, he admitted he had "stepped in it" for being unable to remember he wants to eliminate the Department of Energy.

GOP Says Obama Supporter Pushed For Solyndra Loan

House Republicans have released emails related to solar panel maker Solyndra which got $535 million in government loan guarantees and then went bankrupt. Republicans say the emails show an Obama campaign bundler used his influence at the White House to make the loan happen.

Perry Has An 'Oops' Moment At GOP's Mich. Debate

The eight Republican presidential hopefuls focused on the economy and jobs. But there were dramatic moments on other issues: The audience booed a question about sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain, and Rick Perry had an embarrassing memory lapse about one of his own proposals.

To Obama, 'Go West Young Man' Means Engaging Asia

President Obama will have to persuade a global audience that the U.S. remains a pre-eminent world leader, even though he is presiding over a politically gridlocked government that is so far unable to hoist the U.S. economy out of its own economic slump.

Did Ohio Gov. Kasich Hurt His Prospects In Backing Controversial Labor Law?

A new map allows you to compare results from Ohio's 2010 gubernatorial race to results from Tuesday's election. Look to see how counties that went big for Gov. John Kasich in 2010 felt about the controversial collective bargaining law passed this year.