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Toure Discusses What It Means To Be Post-Black

Author and cultural critic Toure has written Who's Afraid of Post-Blackness: What It Means to be Black Now. He joins Michele Norris to discuss what it means to be post-black — as well as President Obama's interview with BET on Monday night.

Obama Returns To Familiar Turf To Sell New Stimulus

In his first month in office, President Obama traveled to Denver to sign the nearly $800 billion stimulus bill. The administration hoped it would not just end the recession in a technical sense, but begin the recovery for families. On Tuesday he was back in Denver, selling a new plan. In the intervening 2 1/2 years, how have Coloradans fared?

Heckler Gives Obama Chance To Affirm His Christian Faith

President Obama used the heckling incident to testify to his own Christian beliefs. With many Americans still doubting that he's a Christian and believing him to be a Muslim, according to a recent poll, the president clearly saw a chance to affirm his faith and took it.

Despite Senate Deal, Nation Stuck In Stormy Political Pattern

The nation's governance crisis, driven by economic anxiety, is the political equivalent of what meteorologists call a "blocking pattern" where storm systems get stuck over a particular region due to stationary high pressure systems that prevent the turbulent weather from passing along in the normal way.

Obama To Heckler: 'I Agree Jesus Christ Is The Lord'

The young man who interrupted the president's fundraiser in Los Angeles, though, also shouted that "Barack Obama is the Antichrist!" See the video.

Both Sides Claim Vindication After Shutdown Is Averted

Republicans say the impasse underscored why it's important to scrutinize government spending. Democrats say they stood up for important programs.
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Senate Deal Avoids Government Shutdown

Federal workers can rest assured that the government will not be shutting down this weekend after the Senate reached a deal Monday; but they are in for another budget fight in November, when the current bill expires.


Senate Deal To Avert Shutdown Goes To House

There may not be a government shutdown later this week after all — at least that's what a deal agreed on Monday night by the Senate aims to prevent. Lawmakers had been tied up in partisan knots for days over a temporary spending measure keeping the government open once the new fiscal year begins this weekend. Most of the trouble was over House Republicans' insistence that disaster relief funding in that measure be offset by cuts in other government programs. It's now up to the House to seal that Senate deal.