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Newly Released Testimony Is Vintage Nixon

The National Archives has released President Nixon's long-secret grand jury testimony in the Watergate scandal from 1975. In it, the former president is manipulative, self-pitying and as unrevealing as possible.

No Joint Press Conference For Cain Accusers, Lawyer Says

Karen Kraushaar, who settled a harassment complaint against GOP hopeful Herman Cain, wanted to speak out with the three other women who have also accused Cain of harassment.

Senate Panel Votes To Repeal Marriage Act

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved on party lines a bill to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, the first actual vote in Congress to undo the law currently entangled in numerous legal challenges.

Feds Delay Decision On Pipeline Project

The State Department is delaying a decision for at least a year on whether to approve the Keystone pipeline. The $7 billion pipeline would carry oil from the tar sands of Alberta, Canada, through the U.S. to Gulf of Mexico refineries. Nebraska's state government and environmental groups have put intense pressure on the State Department and White House to reject the pipeline's proposed route. NPR's Richard Harris talks with Robert Siegel about the project.

Perry Campaign Tries To Right Debate 'Oops'

Texas Gov. Rick Perry drew a blank at last night's GOP presidential debate, forgetting one of three federal agencies he would eliminate if he becomes president.