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Texas Inmate Rivals Obama In W.Va. Primaries

In West Virginia's Democratic presidential primary on Tuesday, a little-known candidate named Keith Judd took 41 percent of the vote. That's compared to President Obama's 61 percent. Melissa Block speaks with Associated Press reporter Lawrence Messina about how a Texas prison inmate could garner so many votes.

Dem. Lobbyist Battles Gridlock In Confirmations

Many judicial nominations remain stalled in the Senate, and it will take more than rhetoric to break the logjam. Conservative groups have traditionally lavished big money on judicial contests. But now Democratic lobbyist Robert Raben is pushing back. He has created a PAC to donate to senators who advance progressive nominees. It has only raised a pittance so far, but the idea is to bundle donations from lawyers all over the country and counteract some of that conservative money.
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Doomsday Averted: Maryland Lawmakers Agree On Tax Hike

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley says lawmakers agreed on a plan to raise taxes on high-income earners as well as shift the responsibility for teacher pensions onto counties, in a move expected to avert the "doomsday" budget.


Will Same-Sex Marriage Swing The Swing States?

After Vice President Joe Biden's commented that he's "absolutely comfortable" with gay marriage, Floyd Ciruli, a Colorado-based pollster and analyst, and Quentin Kidd, of Christopher Newport University, discuss the role same-sex marriage could play in swing states in November. NPR's Ken Rudin recaps the week in politics.

What Do Tuesday Night's Brawls Mean For November?

Republican Indiana Senator Richard Lugar lost a primary battle to a tea party challenger. North Carolina passed a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker found out he needs to win a rematch against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett to keep his job. Host Michel Martin speaks with Joy Ann Reid and Janice Crouse.

Life Without Lugar: Democrats See An Opportunity In Indiana

Six years ago, Democrats did not bother fielding a candidate against Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar. Now that he's been unseated in Tuesday's GOP primary, they believe they have a shot at capturing the prized Senate seat. But the state continues to favor Republicans in general.

Inmate Polls Well Against Obama In West Virginia Primary

Keith Judd was able to get on the ballot, even though he's in a Texas prison, because of West Virginia's liberal ballot access laws. Democrats there showed their discontent with the president by giving Judd 41 percent of the vote.