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How Race Shapes National Health Debate

A new study explores how some of the popular attitudes about President Obama's health care overhaul law are being shaped by race. Host Michel Martin speaks with NPR's Shankar Vedantam to find out more about the study.
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Poll: Voters Split Over Virginia Abortion Ultrasound Bill

Virginia voters appear to be sharply divided over a new law requiring women to receive ultrasounds before getting abortions in the commonwealth.


Jeb Bush Endorses Romney

"Now is the time for Republicans to unite behind Gov. Romney and take our message of fiscal conservatism and job creation to all voters this fall," the former Florida governor says.
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Supreme Court Hearing on the Affordable Care Act

The fate of the Affordable Care Act will be decided by the Supreme Court during six hours of hearings from the 26-28 March. We preview the hearings and outline the key legal arguments on which the decision may rest on.


Why Dreams Of A Contested GOP Convention Are Slipping Away Again

With Mitt Romney's win in Illinois, the odds that the GOP will arrive in Tampa without a clear nominee are lower than before. Newt Gingrich might not even be eligible for the floor fight.

It Was Inevitable: Romney's Win In Illinois Resurrects The I-Word

Tuesday's relatively easy win for Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney in the Illinois primary has renewed talk about him being the "inevitable" nominee. But pundits still caution that he hasn't wrapped it up just yet.

In Winner-Take-All Wisconsin, Looming Primary Is Sideshow To Recall Election

The contest consuming most potential voters is not the state's April 3 presidential primary when 42 potentially crucial delegates will be awarded. It's the June 5 recall election of Gov. Scott Walker.

Are Primary Republicans Chasing Romney Or The Reagan Rainbow?

Were he around today, one wonders if Ronald Reagan would have the chance to grow into the figure he became.

Romney Wins Illinois With Range Of Voters

When Mitt Romney won the big Midwestern states of Michigan and Ohio, the margins were narrow enough that analysts were not impressed, given his huge advantage in money and organization. But in Illinois Tuesday night, even Romney's closest rival, Rick Santorum, did not come within 10 points.