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Demystifying The Role Of Political Independents

Approximately 40 percent of U.S. voters identify as independents, giving them considerable clout with political candidates. Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page and George W. Bush campaign strategist Daron Shaw discuss who makes up the independent electorate, and if its influence is sometimes overstated.
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Fairfax County Seeking New County Executive

Fairfax County is looking for a new county executive, and a nationwide search for candidates is underway. Current County Executive Anthony Griffin will retire in April.

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CQ Roll Call: Congress Collaboration For State Of The Union, Blankley's Remembrance On The Hill

As bitter partisanship continues on the Hill, some members are attempting to expand their vision for collaboration for this year’s State of the Union.

Even Before N.H. Primary, Romney Seems To Be Looking Ahead To General Election

On Tuesday night, New Hampshire voters could catapult Mitt Romney securely onto the path of the Republican nomination, or they could undercut the air of inevitability surrounding his campaign. The former Massachusetts governor is clearly expecting the catapult.

Over Wine And Doughnuts, N.H. Women Get Heated Over Primary Vote

Six women in Derry, N.H., talk with Morning Edition's Steve Inskeep about the economy, federal spending and who's the biggest flip-flopper in Tuesday's GOP primary.
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Making It Easier To File Federal Taxes

A University of Maryland law professor is arguing that it's not just the tax code that needs to be changed -- but also the method of filing taxes each year.

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Setting The Date For A Special Election

The District will have to hold a special election to replace former council member Harry  Thomas Jr., but current council members don't necessarily agree about when that special election should be held. 


Mitt Romney, New Hampshire And The 'Expectations Game'

Candidates have gone into New Hampshire in the past with high expectations, only to be shot down, even if they won. Mitt Romney knows the Granite State is set with traps for his nomination.
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Washington Invades New Hampshire For Presidential Primary

New Hampshire residents have been dealing with throngs of Washingtonians for the past week in advance of tomorrow's presidential primary.  Some of them have had about enough.