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Political Battle Heats Up As Wis. Recall Election Nears

Robert Siegel speaks with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, who is the Democrat running against Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Walker's recall election is on Tuesday.

When The Jury Becomes The Story

At the trial of John Edwards on Thursday, attention turned to the actual jury and its verdict. It was a switch from earlier days, when alternates dubbed the "giggle gang" stole the show. Their actions were relatively benign, but there is precedent for shenanigans in the jury pool at U.S. trials.

Romney's Week: Upstaged Time And Again

Upstaged by Donald Trump's "birther" jag, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's message week marred by missteps, bad timing, big news

Bloomberg Becomes Nanny-State Epitome For Some, Giving Obama A Breather

Mayor Mike Bloomberg's proposed ban on the sale of supersized sugary fountain drinks in his city made the mayor, at least for some, the epitome of Big Government excess, a place many critics, particularly conservatives, typically reserve for the Obama.
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Advocates Push For Improved Safety Standards In Transportation Bill

With the summer driving season upon us, highway safety advocates are calling for Congress to include improved safety standards into the transportation re-authorization being considered in the Senate.


Wal-Mart Pulls Out Of Group That Advocates 'Stand Your Ground' Laws

The giant retailer has joined the list of major corporations withdrawing their support from the conservative political organization, which advocates a type of law that came under intense focus after the Trayvon Martin killing became a national story.
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The Politics Hour

Guns, gambling and an Alabama Democrat turned Virginia Republican. Plus, D.C. Council Member Jack Evans (D-Ward 2) and Prince George's Council Member William Campos (D) join Kojo and Tom Sherwood in the studio.