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House Republicans Reject Bipartisan Highway Bill

Democrats say House Republicans' rejection of a bipartisan highway bill could cause thousands of construction workers their jobs.
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Spain's Clash With Argentina Over An Oil Company

Spain had harsh words for Argentina yesterday over the nationalization of the oil firm YPF. Argentine president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner rejected the demands of the Spanish company that held a major stake in YPF for ten billion...

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Schools, Municipalities Fight Virginia Pension System Change

Local governments and school districts in Virginia are up in arms over a proposal to reorganize funding for the Virginia Retirement System.


In Louisiana, Santorum And Gingrich Hope To 'Reset' GOP Race

Santorum is the favorite to win Saturday's Louisiana primary based on recent polling. Even with a win, it's hard to see how Santorum will gain much on Mitt Romney's delegate lead, since both are likely to receive some delegates.

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D.C. Mayor's Budget Plan Won't Raise Taxes

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray will outline his proposed budget for the coming year today, and it's not expected to raise residents' taxes.


Congress Cracks Down On Insider Trading

A watered-down version of a bill banning members of Congress from trading on insider information passed the Senate and is on its way to President Obama's desk.

Obama: 'Brain Power' Key To Curbing Oil Dependency

President Obama spent the past two days traveling the country, touting his all-of-the-above energy strategy. He is promoting solar power and wind power, but says brain power — as in American ingenuity — is also key to curbing the nation's dependence on foreign oil.