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Obama Shortens Prison Terms For 46 Drug Offenders, Vows More Commutations

All of those whose sentences were commuted would have gotten lighter prison terms under new sentencing guidelines. The White House says the they aren't hardened criminals and deserve a second chance.

Swing States Get More Disaster Declarations — Especially Before Elections

New research shows that states that are highly competitive in presidential elections are twice as likely to receive presidential disaster declarations — and the financial aid that comes with them.

Vowing To Turn Things Around, Scott Walker Launches Presidential Bid

Walker, the latest to enter a crowded GOP side, said he will prioritize reform, growth and safety. "True freedom and prosperity do not come from the mighty hand of the government," he said.

Tired Of Greek Reruns? Understandable, But A New Season Is Beginning

Greece, buried under debt, is begging for its third bailout. Europeans are willing to help, but only if Greece can prove that this time will be different. Investors are betting this time, it will be.

Shrinking Paychecks: Hillary Clinton Takes On 2016's Toughest Economic Question

The defining economic question for candidates this cycle could be how (or even whether) to deal with unstoppable forces like ride-hailing company Uber and global trade.

Week In Politics: Walker Enters GOP Race, Clinton's Economic Plan

Annah Backstrom of the Des Moines Register and Daniel Barrick of New Hampshire Public Radio talk to Robert Siegel about the latest developments in the presidential race.

Clinton Unveils Economic Plan Focusing On Middle Class

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton rolls out her economic policy agenda and says she is focused on growing the wages of the middle class.

Wisconsin's Rebound: Less Impressive Than It Seems?

When Scott Walker was first elected governor, Wisconsin's unemployment rate was over 8 percent. It's fallen to 4.4 percent. But there's debate over whether Walker deserve credit for the rebound.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Enters Republican Presidential Race

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker enters an already crowd field of Republicans vying to become their party's presidential nominee. What is the case he's making to voters?
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Hill Staffers And Overtime Pay

President Obama recently announced a new rule that will extend overtime pay to more than 5 million Americans. Capitol Hill staffers, though, many of whom work more than 40 hours per week, aren't included in that group. Kojo explores why Hill staffers are excluded, and whether they can hope for expanded overtime anytime soon.