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Maryland Democrats Find Hogan's Speech Much Too Taxing

The new governor's State of the State address left the House speaker and Senate president with plenty to grumble about.


Jeb Bush Delivers Big Speech In Detroit

In his first major speech of the year, Jeb Bush seemed very much a candidate road testing a message that will be the centerpiece of a bid for the White House.

Supporters Say Imprisoned Nun Is Being Held In 'Unfair' Conditions

Megan Rice, an 85-year-old Catholic nun and anti-nuclear activist, is at a crowded facility in Brooklyn. Her friends warn of deplorable conditions there, including a lack of health care.

Stuck In Traffic? It's Likely To Be Worse In 30 Years, Report Says

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx talks about the challenges facing America's transportation system, and why he says the country needs to invest much more in it.

In Detroit, Jeb Bush Makes A Campaign Must-Stop

While he hasn't declared his 2016 candidacy yet, the former Florida governor spoke Wednesday at a preferred venue for presidential candidates.
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D.C. Council Moves To Ban Suspension Of Pre-K Students

As many as 180 Pre-K students were suspended in the last school year for which data is available. D.C.'s lawmakers are supporting a bill to put a stop to the practice.


Secretary Of Defense Nominee Appears Headed For Easy Confirmation

Theoretical physicist and former high-ranking Pentagon insider Ashton Carter is fully expected to be the next Secretary of Defense. His confirmation hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee is less about him and more about President Obama's defense record, which Republicans consider feckless.

Jeb Bush Continues To Test Campaign Waters In Detroit

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush isn't an official candidate for president yet. But his speech Wednesday to the Detroit Economic Club got his feet wet.

How The Voting Debates Will Be Different In 2015

There are already 1,200 voting bills introduced in state legislatures this year. Many seek to expand early voting, online and mail voting.
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Business Leaders To Hogan: Build The Purple Line

It's not just transit advocates pulling for the Purple Line in Maryland — business leaders say it would be good for the bottom line.