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Only 7 Percent Of Americans Are Big Fans Of Congress

The amount of confidence Americans have in Congress has hit a new low, plummeting from highs in the 1970s and '80s. In the same period, the military has boosted its image.

NPR Poll: In Senate Battleground States, Obama Ratings Lag

According to a new NPR poll, in the 12 states with competitive Senate races this fall, only 38 percent of likely voters said they approved of the way the president is handling his job.

Speechwriters Deliberately Use Rhythm To Help Make Their Point

President Obama's biggest speeches have a musicality to them. That's not an accident. His speechwriters obsess over rhythm and cadence.

Rep. McCarthy, Possible Cantor Successor, Walks Fine Line On Immigration

House Republicans are to pick a new majority leader Thursday, following Eric Cantor's primary defeat. The favorite is Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California, whose district is more than a third Latino.

Iraq's Meltdown Troubles U.S. Political Waters

Iraq has a long history of roiling American politics. And that doesn't appear likely to change anytime soon.

GM Chief Makes A Return Trip To The Hill, Where A Grilling Awaits

General Motors CEO Mary Barra faced another grueling hearing on Capitol Hill, two weeks after a critical internal report blasted the company's handling of defective ignition switches as incompetent. GM has recalled 20 million vehicles already this year and has set aside $700 million to cover repairs related to the recall.

The Specter Of Iraq Haunts The Political Life Of Barack Obama

From his time as an Illinois state senator to his role as U.S. commander in chief, President Obama's political life has been defined by the issue of Iraq — and not necessarily because he wanted it to.

In Race To Replace Cantor, Southern Republicans See Opportunity

The House GOP's upcoming leadership election to fill Rep. Eric Cantor's majority leader position has opened a new rift: the South versus everybody else.
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Women in Conflict Zones

Violence against women and personal security are just a couple of the challenges facing women in conflict zones. Kojo talks with women from Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. about their efforts to give voice to women who live in fear.

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Cardin Cheers White House Push For LGBT Protections

A new executive order makes it illegal for federal contractors to discriminate against the LGBT community, something Maryland Senator Ben Cardin was quick to praise.