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Menendez Indictment Propels Maryland's Cardin To Leadership Post

Sometimes in politics, one person's loss is another person's gain. In this case, Maryland Senator Ben Cardin stands to inherent an important leadership post within the Democratic caucus.


Hard Hats And Loud Vests On The Prime Minister's Campaign Bus

Correspondent Jonny Dymond is the BBC's man on the David Cameron election bus. He filed an essay with three weeks to go before the UK's national election.
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Virginia 'Bans The Box,' Joining Movement Picking Up Steam In U.S.

Friday, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe ordered state agencies to remove questions about criminal histories from job applications. It's the latest in a movement that's been gaining traction nationwide.
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Maryland Legislature Zeroes In On Powdered Alcohol

States across the country are racing to ban powdered alcohol, known as "palcohol," and Maryland is no different.

Tom Cotton Eats Birthday Cake Almost Every Day

The freshman senator from Arkansas, who wrote the letter to Iran and rallied 46 other Republicans to object to a nuclear deal, revealed his guilty pleasure: eating birthday cake nearly every day.

Week In Politics: Iran Nuclear Deal Announcement, 'Religious Freedom' Laws

NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with political commentators Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post and David Brooks of The New York Times about the Iran nuclear deal announcement, the latest around the religious freedom laws in Indiana and Arkansas, and N.J. Sen. Robert Menendez's corruption charges.

This Guy Is Running For President, And So Are More Than 200 Others

Ryan Shepard doesn't have a media relations office or a slick-tongued press secretary, but he's as much a candidate, officially, as Ted Cruz.

For U.S. Workers, The March Of Progress Slows Down

On Friday, economists were left scrambling to explain why last month's employment growth was just half as good as they expected. Many fingers pointed at the harsh weather, along with port disruptions.

Mixed Reaction To Changes In States 'Religious Freedom' Bills

Revisions to the measures in Indiana and Arkansas were prompted by a loud backlash from opponents who said the laws were meant to condone discrimination against gays and lesbians.

Fights Over 'Religious Freedom' And Gay Rights Are Costing Republicans

The party and its leading 2016 contenders are finding themselves between a rock and hard place because of Indiana's and Arkansas' recently amended laws.