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Mitt Romney, New Hampshire And The 'Expectations Game'

Candidates have gone into New Hampshire in the past with high expectations, only to be shot down, even if they won. Mitt Romney knows the Granite State is set with traps for his nomination.
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Washington Invades New Hampshire For Presidential Primary

New Hampshire residents have been dealing with throngs of Washingtonians for the past week in advance of tomorrow's presidential primary.  Some of them have had about enough.


N.H. Female Voters Weigh In On Primary Issues

Six women in Derry, N.H., are among the voters who expect to take part in the nation's first presidential primary Tuesday. Elaine Sweeney hosted the group, and they discussed the issues and the candidates on their minds.

Pawlenty, Christie Help Romney Campaign In N.H.

Former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney has long held a commanding lead in the polls ahead of Tuesday's primary in New Hampshire. Taking nothing for granted, Romney campaigned in the state on Sunday with two of his top surrogates: former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Texas Redrawn: Voting Rights, States' Power In Court

Because of its booming population, the state is gaining four new congressional seats. But are the state's new redistricting plans fair for minority voters who make up more than half of the new residents? Is an interim map drawn by a federal court any better? The Supreme Court takes on the case with Texas primaries looming.

Sununu: Romney Is Going To Win In New Hampshire

Former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu is supporting GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Sununu tells Steve Inskeep that Romney is going to win in New Hampshire, and "it's going to be a pretty good win."

Huntsman: How He Differs With Romney Over China

All Things Considered host Robert Siegel interviewed Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman in New Hampshire. Huntsman points out how he differs with the other GOP candidates. The full interview will air on ATC Monday.

Romney's Unscathed After Back-To-Back N.H. Debates

The New Hampshire primary is Tuesday, and it is the second contest of the race for the Republican presidential nomination. Polls show Mitt Romney is still out front but his lead is shrinking. Ron Paul is in second place.

How Do GOP Candidates Plan To Fix The Economy?

In New Hampshire — and across the country — the economy and job-creation are ranked by voters as the most important issues. Front-runner Mitt Romney wants to shrink government. All the GOP candidates want to balance the budget and cut business and personal taxes.