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Obama's Hands-Off Approach To The Supercommittee

After being dragged down by the congressional debate over whether to raise the debt ceiling last summer, the president remained largely silent on the supercommittee. Though the GOP has criticized the president for what they call "failed leadership," it's unclear whether his immediate involvement would have been helpful.

With No 'Superdeal,' What's Next In Deficit Debate?

The failure of the congressional deficit-reduction supercommittee extends fiscal uncertainty and pushes a debate over the Bush-era tax cuts into a presidential election year. Congress could try to reverse automatic budget cuts set for 2013 — but President Obama has already warned against that approach.

Four Reasons The Supercommittee Isn't So Super

The panel's inability to tackle its assigned responsibilities should have come as no surprise, some political observers say. In fact, failure may have been built into the process from the beginning.

Supercommittee Unlikely To Make Deadline

Failure of the supercommittee to find the $1.2 trillion in cuts it was charged to identify are expected to trigger automatic budget cuts that start in 2013. Meanwhile, many in Congress assumed the group would include in its bill extensions of a payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits — both of which will expire at the end of December unless Congress acts to extend them. NPR's Tamara Keith speaks to Robert Siegel with the latest from Capitol Hill.

Former Romney Aides Deleted Electronic Footprint

Before Mitt Romney left the Massachusetts governor's office, 11 of his aides purchased more than a dozen computer hard drives and the administration wiped a server clean. The Boston Globe first reported the story last week. Aides to Romney's Republican predecessors describe the actions as unprecedented. Romney defended his administration at a campaign appearance on Saturday. And his campaign has filed a public records request for contacts between the administration of Romney's successor, Democratic Governor Deval Patrick and President Obama's reelection campaign.