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GOP Presidential Contender Herman Cain Takes Lead In Second Poll

The latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll gives him an advantage over former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. The usual caveats apply: It's still very early in the race and the polls have relatively large margins of error.

Romney Camp Slow To Attract Former Bush Donors

Republican donor Ray Washburne was a major contributor to George W. Bush's presidential campaign, and he was the national finance chairman for Tim Pawlenty. But when Pawlenty pulled out of the presidential race, Washburne tells Steve Inskeep that it took some time before deciding to back Mitt Romney's campaign.

Pa. Capital Harrisburg Files For Bankruptcy

The city of Harrisburg has filed for municipal bankruptcy and is entering uncharted legal waters. Pennsylvania's capital is mired in more than $300 million of debt related to a botched trash incinerator project.

Despite Divide, Evangelicals Could Support A Mormon

By calling Mormonism a "cult," an evangelical pastor recently sparked a bitter debate over religious prejudice and traditional doctrine. But while many evangelicals don't believe that Mormonism is Christian, they say they share conservative social values and would stand behind a Mormon — such as Mitt Romney — for president.

Will Free Trade Agreements Really Create Jobs?

Congress voted to approve three much-delayed free trade deals with Panama, Colombia and South Korea. The Obama administration and supporters in Congress have labeled these agreements as jobs bills, though there are questions about how many jobs will really be created.

Before Politics, Huntsman Aspired To Rock Star Fame

Before GOP presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman served as governor of Utah, a corporate executive, and U.S. ambassador to China, he had another youthful calling: Huntsman was a rock 'n' roll musician in a band called Wizard.

Why Gingrich Opposes Recommendation Against Routine PSA Tests

Newt Gingrich invoked Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach, former head of the National Cancer Institute, in criticizing proposed changes in prostate cancer screening. A close watcher of von Eschenbach at NCI questioned whether he is the right person to lean on.