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D.C. Mayor Defends 2013 Budget, Including Traffic Cameras

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray defended the inclusion of more traffic camera revenues in his 2013 budget Tuesday, saying he'd eventually like to see traffic cameras covering the entire city.


Gingrich Slashes Staff, Pins Hopes On GOP Delegates Turning To Him

The GOP presidential contender is mounting a "big-choice convention strategy" that banks on Mitt Romney not having enough delegates to be the nominee on the first ballot. Gingrich would then try to convince Republicans that he should be the nominee.

Bill Maher's Obama SuperPAC Donation Causing Stir

The comedian's $1 million check to the superPAC supporting President Obama is the first seven-figure donation to the group since Obama gave his tacit endorsement of the fundraising strategy. Conservative women upset by Maher's remarks about them say the superPAC should give back the money.

Parents Of Slain Florida Teen Appear On Capitol Hill

Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on racial profiling and hate crimes Tuesday. The parents of Trayvon Martin — the Florida teen whose shooting death sparked a nationwide outcry — were in attendance.

Gingrich Pares Down Presidential Campaign

GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has cut one-third of his full-time campaign staff and replaced his campaign manager.

Supreme Court's Medicaid Decision Could Reach Far Beyond Health Care

The justices will hear arguments Wednesday over whether the health law's expansion of Medicaid for the poor unfairly forces the states to participate. And their decision could greatly affect the relationship between the federal government and the states.

Texas, Feds Face Off Over Planned Parenthood

Texas and the Obama administration are battling over funding for women's health centers in the state. As a result, some Planned Parenthood facilities have closed, limiting access to health care for some women, particularly those on Medicaid.