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Meet The Drug Dealer Who Helps Addicts Quit

A prescription drug called Suboxone helps wean people off of heroin and pain pills, but addicts have a hard time getting prescriptions. So they're turning to the black market.

Interviewing Scalia: Verbal Wrestling Match With A Master

Interviewing a sitting Supreme Court justice is an unusual opportunity for a journalist. If that justice is Antonin Scalia, it's also a chance to engage in some memorable give-and-take.

Part Of Romney's Foreign Itinerary: Raising Money

As campaign budgets keep pushing upward, politicians from would-be congressmen to would-be presidents are looking overseas — especially to London. Republican Mitt Romney plans to hold two fundraisers there on his weeklong trip, along with another in Jerusalem.

Black Business Owners Urge Obama To Aid Growth

President Obama's speech to the National Urban League in New Orleans comes amid a debate over the role of government in helping small businesses succeed. Some entrepreneurs in the black community say government's role is especially important for fledgling minority businesses with little capital.

Romney Targets Obama On 'You Didn't Build That'

The Romney campaign held 24 events around the country Wednesday in which small business owners talked about their businesses. So just how can the government help or hurt entrepreneurs?

Bush-Era Tax Cuts The Hot Topic Again In Congress

The Senate is set to vote on Democratic and Republican plans to extend the Bush-era tax cuts. Democrats want to limit the breaks to those making less than $250,000 a year. Republicans want even the rich to keep the lower rates.

Pro-Obama SuperPAC Takes Aim At Romney's 'Olympic Gold'

Priorities USA, the superPAC backing President Obama's re-election, has unveiled a new ad — timed to coincide with the London Olympics — that pokes fun at Mitt Romney's overseas business ties.