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Wis. GOP Gather For Convention On Key Senate Race

Wisconsin Republicans convene this weekend at their state convention and may or may not endorse one of the party's candidates for the U.S. Senate. Former Gov. Tommy Thompson is running for the nomination, but his opponents consider Thompson insufficiently conservative. Wisconsin Public Radio's Chuck Quirmbach reports.

Iowa On Same-Sex Marriage: It's Complicated

The outcome of this year's election will be determined by a handful of states. One of them is Iowa, where gay marriage is legal. Jobs may be at the forefront of voters' minds, but President Obama's endorsement of same-sex marriage — and Mitt Romney's response — could swing voters either way.

Romney Shifts Gears On Auto Industry Bailout

Mitt Romney has very publicly opposed the government bailout of the auto industry. So the likely GOP nominee raised more than a few eyebrows this week when he said: "I'll take a lot of credit for the fact that this industry's come back."
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Civics Lessons

Many kids in disadvantaged neighborhoods feel the system isn’t just broken –it’s rigged, and not in their favor. One professor says this “empowerment gap” is just as profound --and important to address--- as the “achievement gap.”


For Evangelicals, Romney Is The Lesser Of Two Evils

A recent poll found that evangelicals favor GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney over President Obama 67 to 22 percent, but a visit to a Dallas church shows they're doing so grudgingly. "This is a call to arms," says one parishioner. "Whether or not we like the choices, we must make a choice."

On Citizenship Question, Bachmann Not So Neutral

Under assault from conservative blogs and facing some skepticism in Minnesota, where she's up for re-election, Rep. Michele Bachmann wants to give back her just-revealed Swiss citizenship. But apparently it's a status she has enjoyed — at least technically — for three decades.

Obama's Gay Marriage Stance Stirs Black Community

President Barack Obama's announcement this week that he supports same-sex marriage has spurred a heated dialogue among the African-American community. Audie Cornish talks to Corey Dade about the ramifications of the president's remarks and what would it mean for Democrats.