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Perry Skips S.C. Tea Party Forum, 5 Others Appear

Five of the top six Republicans running for president spent Labor Day being questioned from the conservative wing of their party. Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina — who is a powerful voice in the early voting state, and a Tea Party favorite — organized the forum. Texas Gov. Rick Perry left South Carolina early to deal with raging wildfires in his state.

California Same-Sex Marriage Ban Returns To Court

On Tuesday, the state Supreme Court will decide if proponents of the initiative have the legal authority, or standing, to pursue an appeal of a ruling that the ban is unconstitutional.

Obama: Time To End Washington 'Games' Over Jobs

President Obama said congressional Republicans must put their country ahead of their party and vote to create jobs. In a preview of the speech he will deliver to Congress on Thursday, Obama said "the time for Washington games is over" and lawmakers must move quickly on the job front.

Obama Urges Congressional Action On Jobs

President Obama traveled Monday to Detroit for a Labor Day event. His visit to the union stronghold comes the same week he's expected to address a joint session of Congress describing his plan to create jobs.

In S.C., GOP Hopefuls Outline Positions

Republican presidential candidates are taking part in a forum in Columbia, South Carolina, today. Among the panelists asking questions will be Senator — and Tea Party favorite — Jim DeMint.

Op-Ed: The Future Of Labor Day

Sept. 5 is Labor Day in name only, E.J. Dionne argues in The Washington Post. It's just a matter of time, he says, before Labor Day falls off the calendar. But, while it remains "it should shame us about our cool indifference to the heroism of those who go to work every day."
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D.C. Elections Board Probes New Gray Aide

The new deputy chief of staff for D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray has come under fire for voting in the District while residing in Maryland.


Jobs Creation, Economy In The Spotlight

President Obama is scheduled to deliver a long-awaited speech on jobs this week, as polls are showing huge voter disillusionment with government. As well, the lack of confidence is making economic recovery efforts that much more difficult.