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VP Contenders: Pawlenty And Martinez

The Republican National Convention is still three months away, and the guessing continues about whom Mitt Romney, the presumptive nominee, might pick as his running mate. Former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty and current New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez both make some short lists.
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Fundraising Website Launched By Maryland Lt. Gov. Brown

Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown has launched a fundraising website, which, while it makes no explicit mention of running for anything, bolsters the claims that he may run to replace current Governor Martin O'Malley in 2014.

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Analysis: Mobilization Race For Presidential Election Is On In Virginia

Still five months from the Presidential election, and campaigns are starting to ramp up their efforts in Virginia. Reid Wilson from National Journal Hotline explains who is ahead in the race to set up campaign offices.


At Auction, Reagan's Blood Is Pricey But A Bargain Versus Fidel-Signed Flag

With all the Reagan veneration, it's not surprising there's a Reagan relic out there. A lab vial is said to contain a now dried blood sample from the president on the day he was nearly assassinated in March 1981. That the vial is up for auction has caused a controversy, with some denouncing the possible sale of the blood sample as a new and crass low in presidential memorabilia.
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Howard Brooks, Another Gray Campaign Aide, Charged In Federal Probe

Howard Brooks, campaign consultant to D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray in 2010, has been charged with making false statements to the FBI. 


Get Ready For The First Robot President

Whoever wins in November may go down in history as the First Robot President. Not because people have found Barack Obama and Mitt Romney robot-like on occasion (although they have). But because the next occupant of the White House will face a growing influx and influence of robots in our everyday lives.

Civil Rights Leader: Equality Means Equality

The NAACP is officially supporting same-sex marriage. The group says marriage equality is a civil right and is encouraging black voters to support the issue if it shows up on state ballots. Host Michel Martin talks with Julian Bond, chairman emeritus of the group.

Does Obama Have A Messaging Problem?

Republicans have pounced on a comment by Newark, New Jersey mayor and Obama re-election surrogate Cory Booker. He called the Obama campaign's attacks on Mitt Romney's time at Bain Capital "nauseating." Host Michel Martin discusses the art of messaging with former presidential speechwriter Mary Kate Cary, and journalism professor Cynthia Tucker.