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O'Malley Starts Maryland Redistricting Process

Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley has named the committee that will draft new voting district lines for the state.

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Maryland Senators Would Compromise On Write-offs In Debt Ceiling Talks

In the hopes of raising the nation's debt ceiling, Maryland senators say they're willing to consider getting rid of tax write-offs which help the state's economy.

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Leslie Johnson Resigns, Council Removes Her Staff, Resources

Leslie Johnson has resigned from the Prince George's County Council, five days after she pleaded guilty to destroying evidence in a federal corruption probe.

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After Cancelling Recess, Senate Gets Back To Work Tuesday

The Senate will be in session this week in an attempt to reach a deal on raising the nation's debt ceiling, but Republicans say the cancellation of a planned recess for this week is a political ploy.

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Four PG County Council Members Say Johnson Should Step Down

Four members of the Prince George's County Council have now called for the resignation of their colleague Leslie Johnson.

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Poll Shows Tim Kaine, George Allen Tied In Va. Senate Race

A poll of more than 1,400 voters in Virginia shows that those voters are pretty evenly divided over who should win the upcoming U.S. Senate race in Virginia in 2012.