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Congress Returns To Center Stage

Congress returns from its spring break this coming week. The Senate will vote on the Buffett Rule, raising taxes on millionaire investors. The House may wrestle again with the highway bill. The distraction of presidential primaries will no longer deflect public attention. NPR's David Welna talks with host Rachel Martin.

How Can Romney Win? GOP Women Have Some Ideas

A new poll shows women prefer Obama over Gov. Mitt Romney by 19 points. Even some Republican women say Democrats probably represent women's interests better. That perception problem is something many GOP leaders are trying to fight — luckily, some of them are women, too.

Romney Talks Freedom At NRA Conference

He can't really call himself a big-time hunter, but Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney went to the annual National Rifle Association meeting loaded for bear. His wasn't a speech about guns, however. NPR's Ari Shapiro reports on Romney's first speech since Rick Santorum dropped out of the presidential race.

A Felon, But He'll Probably Be Re-Elected Anyway

A conviction on corruption charges isn't stopping former Pennsylvania state House Speaker Bill DeWeese from running for re-election. On the day he's likely to win the primary, the 17-term Democrat will become constitutionally ineligible to keep serving.

In Southwestern Pa., Two Conservative Democratic Incumbents Fight For One Seat

To get elected in southwestern Pennsylvania as a Democrat, it helps to be a conservative one. And because of congressional reapportionment, two conservative Democratic incumbents — Rep. Jason Altmire and Rep. Mark Critz — are facing off for a single seat in their party's primary later this month.

Romney Wins Some Votes, If Not All Hearts, At NRA Meeting

Some 70,000 people are attending the National Rifle Association's annual convention in St. Louis. It's hard to find any who support President Obama. But that doesn't mean gun owners are completely sold on Mitt Romney. The presumptive GOP nominee spoke to NRA members Friday to try to change that.

'Fake Democrats' Infiltrate Wis. Primaries

Republican candidates are now running against Democratic candidates in Wisconsin's Democratic primaries. The state Republican Party describes them as protest candidates. Most people refer to them as fake Democrats.