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Edwards Verdict: A Case Of Campaign Law Confusion

From the day a grand jury indicted former Sen. John Edwards on six felony charges nearly one year ago, the case drew jeers from election lawyers and government watchdogs. After a mistrial on most counts, the jury foreman says Congress should clarify campaign laws that were at the heart of the case.
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Secure Communities in DC

The D.C. Council unanimously passed emergency legislation to limit the federal immigration program known as Secure Communities, which went into effect Tuesday in the District.

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House Agenda Draws Barbs From Both Sides Of Aisle

The legislative agenda for the House of Representatives is drawing fire from both the right and the left, a trend expected to continue through Election Day.


May Jobs Report Keeps Obama On Defensive, Aids Romney's Offense

If the economy continues May's unsteady sort of progress, Obama and other administration officials will keep pointing out rays of economic hope and reminding voters of how bad situation was when they took office. Meanwhile, Romney, aided by congressional Republicans, will continue to paint the president and his economic policies as a failure.

John Edwards: Once More With (Or Without) Feeling, He Takes Full Responsibility

Yesterday, John Edwards became the latest political figure to talk about taking full responsibility for his actions without explaining much about what that might entail.

Obama, Romney Have Sharply Different Takes On Weak Jobs News

While the Republican contender blames what he says are the administration's "failed" economic policies for weak job growth, the president says he headed off another Great Depression. It's the central debate of the 2012 campaign.
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Analysis: A Run-Down Of Gay Marriage Opponents In Maryland, New Casinos, And Local Governors On The National Stage

Referendums, slots, and recalls, oh my! - A look into the top stories of Maryland and Virginia.

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Wisconsin Recall Results

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker survived an attempt to oust him from office after he stripped collective bargaining rights from public employees. Join Diane and guests as they discuss what it could mean for unions across the country and the 2012 presidential race.