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Rick Perry Caught Between Racist Rock And Toxic Mortgages

If there's been a worse week and a half for a presidential candidate, it's hard to remember when. Just as Texas Gov. Rick Perry worked to recover from his woeful debate performance of more than a week ago, two damaging stories got big attention. One was about the racist name of a hunting camp used by Perry's family, the other of state subsidies he gave to subprime mortgage firms.
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O'Malley: Christie Candidacy Would Lack Substance

O'Malley on Face the Nation

Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley tossed some barbs at New Jersey Governor and potential Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie during an appearance on the Sunday  morning political talk show Face the Nation yesterday.


Rapid Response From Perry Campaign To Story About Racially Offensive Word

The GOP contender's aides say his family took steps to paint over a rock at a hunting camp it leased. A racial epithet had been on the stone for years. Some who visited the camp tell The Washington Post the word was still visible in recent years.
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Council Examines Peaceoholics' Grants

D.C. auditors didn't find any evidence of wrongdoing in a recently released audit of grants awarded to the violence-prevention nonprofit group Peaceoholics, but they did question how the city awarded some grant monies to the group.


Debt Committee's Fail-Safe Might Already Be Undone

If the debt reduction supercommittee deadlocks, or if Congress rejects its work, by law automatic across-the-board budget cuts — half of them from defense spending — will be triggered. Already, talk is growing of undoing that trigger.
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Super Committee Faces Lines Of Lobbyists

Capitol Building

As the super committee focuses on cutting more than $1 trillion from the nation's debt, lobbyists are pushing committee members to support their interests.


Rick Perry Sticks To His Guns On Immigration

Texas governor Rick Perry spent the last two days in New Hampshire, his first visit since the Republican debate in which he defended a Texas law that allows illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at state colleges. As Jon Greenberg reports, Perry faced headwinds among Republican primary voters.

Sen. Durbin Defends Reform Despite New Bank Fees

This past week, Bank of America announced plans to charge most of its debit card users $5 a month if they use the card to make purchases. The decision is meant to offset anticipated revenue losses from regulatory changes that took effect on Friday. Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois introduced those changes to last year's Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation. Durbin joins host Audie Cornish to explain why he thinks the legislation is important.