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Corrupt Leaders Hamper D.C.'s Quest For Autonomy

The chairman of Washington, D.C.'s city council resigned Wednesday night, as federal prosecutors moved to bring campaign finance and bank fraud charges against him. Kwame Brown is the second member of the council to resign amid corruption charges in the last few months. And Mayor Vincent Gray has been dogged throughout his tenure by allegations of misuse of campaign funds.

Congressmen Accuse White House Of Leaking Intel

A bipartisan group of senators has called an investigation into how the news media has received information from the White House about drone strikes and cyber warfare.
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'Playing Politics' With Interest Rates On Student Loans

Federal interest rates on student loans are set to double on July 1, unless Congress takes action. Area Republicans claim President Obama is playing politics with legislation aimed at ensuring that doesn't happen.

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Gary Knell (Rebroadcast)

NPR chief executive Gary Knell talks about the future of public radio.

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Most Virginians Say Gay Marriage Not Deciding Issue

While Virginia remain divided over the issue of gay marriage, a new poll from Quinnipiac University shows that for a majority of residents of the Commonwealth, it won't influence their presidential vote.

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The Politics Hour

Kojo and the gang analyze the resignation of D.C.'s second-highest elected official, Council Chairman Kwame Brown.


Romney, Republicans Pulled In More Money In May Than Obama, Democrats

For the first time in this campaign, the GOP challenger has collected more than the incumbent. Romney and his party brought in more than $76 million. Obama and the Democrats raised about $60 million.

Public Still Mostly Hates Health Law With Supreme Court Ruling Just Weeks Off

The latest major poll, commissioned by CBS News/NY Times just weeks before the Supreme Court is expected to deliver its ruling on the constitutionality of the health-care law. The survey found that nothing has happened to change the minds of a majority of the public that the law should be overturned.