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Accusations, Investigation Follow Intelligence Leaks

The Justice Department has launched an investigation to determine the source of a series of leaks about sensitive intelligence matters. President Obama denied his administration authorized the leaks, but some Senate Republicans accused the White House of deliberately leaking the stories in order to boost the president's national security credentials.

Licking Their Wounds, Progressives Regroup

Liberal activists gathered this week in Providence for the annual Netroots Nation convention to regroup and re-energize after Democrats lost an effort Tuesday to recall Wisconsin's Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

Conservative Confab Rallies Behind Wisconsin Victory

High-profile conservatives gathered outside the Windy City Friday for CPAC Chicago, a meeting sponsored by the American Conservative Union. Much of the discussion centered on Republican Gov. Scott Walker's victory in a gubernatorial recall election in Wisconsin on Tuesday.
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O'Malley: Wisc. Recall Defeat Doesn't Affect Presidential Election

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley dismissed the notion that the victory for Republican governor Scott Walker had any implications for the presidential election.

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The Fight For The Old Dominion: Analyzing Virginia's Primaries

Kojo talks to experts about the results of this week's primary elections in Virginia.


Leaked Emails Show A Bipartisan Governor Romney

A batch of emails to and from Mitt Romney during his time as governor of Massachusetts, obtained by the Wall Street Journal, reveal a passionate fighter for health care for all, willing to work across the aisle to extend insurance to all his state's citizens. Today when Romney mentions health care, it's nearly always couched in criticism of President Obama's plan. Robert Siegel talks with Mark Maremont of the Wall Street Journal about Mitt Romney then and now.