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Cain's 9-9-9 Plan Gets Positive Voter Reaction

Herman Cain's simplified tax plan has vaulted him into the spotlight and has sent his poll numbers soaring. But do people actually know much about the Republican presidential candidate's 9-9-9 tax plan, and how it would affect them?

Obama Drives His Jobs Message To N.C. Crowds

President Obama is drawing sharp contrasts between his jobs plan and the ideas put forward by Republicans in Congress, as he continues his bus tour through North Carolina and Virginia. That may not bring his jobs plan any closer to passing, but it does help frame the argument for the 2012 election.

Tina Brown's Must Reads: The Republican Schism

The editor of Newsweek offers some required reading on the gap between the Tea Party and the Republican establishment — and talks about the "Yes We Cain" issue of Newsweek, featuring Republican Herman Cain. "Herman Cain is surprising everybody," Brown says.

Iowa Sets Jan. 3 For GOP Presidential Caucuses

Iowa's Republican Party officials have set their presidential caucuses for Jan. 3, maintaining that state's position as the first contest. The move was expected though Iowa officials had been waiting to see what date New Hampshire would choose. The New England state has yet to announce an earlier date for its primary. So Iowa went decided to go ahead and pick a date.

Ron Paul Proposes $1 Trillion In Cuts His First Year In White House

GOP presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul says he would end not only the Education Department, but also the Departments of Commerce, Interior, Energy and Housing and Urban Development. Furthermore, Paul is promising to balance the federal budget in the third year of his presidency.

Three Hidden Weaknesses In Rick Perry's Fundraising Numbers

Texas Gov. Rick Perry entered the GOP presidential race Aug. 13, and went on to raise $17.2 million in the remaining 49 days of the quarter. These fat numbers put Perry at the front of the GOP money race. But when we dissected Perry's FEC report, we found three hidden weaknesses.

Herman Cain's 9-9-9 Plan Gets A Closer Look

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is surging in the polls. He credits his success to three numbers: 9-9-9. Tax experts say the plan would most likely cut taxes for the rich and increase the burden on the poor and middle class substantially.

Interactive: 2012 Campaign Cash, Week By Week

An NPR analysis of contributions week by week found that itemized contributions to Texas Gov. Rick Perry dropped 60 percent during the week following his first appearance in a GOP presidential debate, on Sept. 7. That same week, Romney's itemized contributions went up 50 percent. Compare the candidates' weekly fundraising totals in an interactive graphic.
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Vehicle Fleet In D.C. Under Scrutiny

Following the scandal involving councilmember Kwame Brown's "fully-loaded" SUV, a review of D.C.'s fleet of other vehicles has turned up more problems.