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How One Senator Can Stall A Widely Supported Bill

Following a work stoppage at airports across the country last month, there almost emerged a rare consensus in Washington, D.C., that the spectacle of laying off workers in a bad economy would not be repeated. "Almost" emerged because Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn is holding up the bill that extends funding to the Federal Aviation Administration for four months. He objects to money for bike paths and similar projects in an attached transportation bill.

Boehner Offers Response To Obama's Jobs Speech

House Speaker John Boehner ruled out tax increases and hammered at government regulations in his first lengthy response to President Obama's jobs speech last week.

V.P. Boehner? Not If He Has To Go To Funerals, The Speaker Jokes

"It's hard enough for me to go to funerals of people I know, much less don't know," says the House speaker, who's known for his habit of tearing up.

Bioethicists Offer Reward For Proof On HPV Vaccine Claim

Now there's money riding on Rep. Bachmann's claims that a cervical cancer vaccine is harmful. Two prominent bioethicists said they will pay more than $10,000 if claims that the HPV vaccine caused mental retardation can be proved.
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Perry: Too Early To Say If McDonnell Will Be Running Mate

GOP Presidential candidate Rick Perry joined Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell at a fundraiser in the commonwealth yesterday, but the two politicians remained coy on a possible role for McDonnell in Perry's campaign.

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Gov. McDonnell's Approval Rating Soars

Governor Bob McDonnell

Virginians appear to be bucking the national trend: they're happy with their elected leaders.


Solyndra Flop May Cost Taxpayers, Embarrass Obama

The bankruptcy of solar energy company Solyndra is being investigated by the FBI. The company received government loans and President Obama's endorsement in 2009. During a House hearing Wednesday, Republicans attacked the administration's decision to fund Solyndra. Democrats defended the loan program and accused Republicans of trying to twist the story for political gain.

Political Divide At Congressional Hearing On Solyndra

The solar energy company received government loans and Obama's endorsement in 2009. Now it's in bankruptcy and under investigation by the FBI. On Wednesday, Republicans questioned the administration's motives for supporting Solyndra, while Energy Department officials defended its decision to invest in the technology.