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Pentagon Expected To Cut Half A Trillion In New Budget

The federal budget was released Monday. In it, the Pentagon is expected to cut $259 billion from what it had planned to spend over the next five years. NPR's Tom Bowman talks with Melissa Block about where the cuts will hit in 2013.

Obama Budget Calls For $4 Trillion Deficit Reduction

The White House released its fiscal 2013 budget Monday, which calls for a $4 trillion deficit reduction. The budget includes new government spending, paid for in part with higher taxes on the wealthy.

Pew Poll: Good News For Santorum, Better News For Obama

In some fairly horrible news for Romney, he's not just having trouble persuading Republican voters he's conservative; the more he professes his conservatism, the less they apparently believe him.

We Read The 2013 Budget So You Don't Have To

NPR reporters break down the president's budget proposal, exploring where he wants to spend and where he wants to make cuts.

America Is Angry, Very Angry. Why That's Not All Bad

We've gone through angry times before in this country: Vietnam, Redbaiting, the Depression, Reconstruction and the Civil War. But historically, eventually, we always seem to sort of get over it. What can we learn from the anger-recovery periods of American history?


Election Year Budget Stirs Controversy

Even for most avid political junkies, budgets can be as inspiring as watching paint dry. But in an election year, they can be used as a rallying point for both parties. Host Michel Martin discusses President Obama's new budget, and other political news with two of Tell Me More's top politicos.