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A New Councilman For D.C.'s Ward 5

Kojo chats with D.C. Councilman-Elect Kenyan McDuffie, the Democrat who won a special election in Ward 5 this week.


Court Action May Lift Anonymity For Some Campaign Donors

As of now, nonprofit groups that want to run campaign ads within two months of the general election will have to reveal the names of their donors. That's because a federal appeals court refused to stay a lower court's ruling on the matter. A full appeal could be heard this fall.

Records Show Edwards Paid Mistress $9,000 A Month

The trial of former presidential candidate John Edwards continued Tuesday in North Carolina. Edwards is accused of accepting almost a million dollars in secret payments to cover up an affair with his pregnant mistress. North Carolina Public Radio's Jeff Tiberii talks to Melissa Block about the case.

Group Backing Third-Party Candidates Struggles

The non-partisan group Americans Elect had hoped to start online voting already to pick a presidential candidate outside the two major parties. Instead, the group has been unable to get a single candidate to get over its 10,000 supporter threshold. Andrea Seabrook talks to Melissa Block about the group.

Court: Non-Profits Must Reveal Political Ad Donors

The identities of some of America's biggest political donors may be made known now that a federal appeals court has refused to stay a lower court ruling on the subject. The trial court had said some non-profit groups that run campaign ads could no longer keep donors secret.

Ron Paul Spokesman: Candidate Unlikely To Ever Endorse Romney

Presidential candidate Ron Paul is not expected to ultimately endorse presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney, Paul's chief strategist said Tuesday. "Never say never, but I don't believe that's likely," said Jesse Benton.