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Bush-Era Tax Cuts The Hot Topic Again In Congress

The Senate is set to vote on Democratic and Republican plans to extend the Bush-era tax cuts. Democrats want to limit the breaks to those making less than $250,000 a year. Republicans want even the rich to keep the lower rates.

Pro-Obama SuperPAC Takes Aim At Romney's 'Olympic Gold'

Priorities USA, the superPAC backing President Obama's re-election, has unveiled a new ad — timed to coincide with the London Olympics — that pokes fun at Mitt Romney's overseas business ties.
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Virginia Voter Registration Forms Miss Their Mark

A D.C.-based nonprofit attempted to do good work by circulating pre-printed Virginia voter registration forms, but they've run into complaints after many were sent to dead people or family pets.


Your Subsidy Is My Incentive

A research group tallies up all government spending and tax breaks across nine sectors of the economy — with eye-opening results.

The Tea Party's Texas Strategy For 2012

After their victories in 2010, the prominence and influence of the Tea Party waned, and the future of the movement remains unclear. NPR's Political Junkie columnist Ken Rudin and Bruce Buchanan, professor at the University of Texas at Austin, talk about the influence of the Tea Party in Texas.

When It Comes To Tax Cuts, Neither Side Is Blinking

Democrats and Republicans are going to the brink over tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans in a showdown that threatens to send the U.S. over a year-end "fiscal cliff." So what's at the heart of the impasse?

Senate Plans Two Symbolic Votes On Taxes That Won't Change Anything

There will be votes today on Democratic and Republican plans regarding the Bush tax cuts. But neither will mean much since the House isn't likely to agree to anything the Democratic-controlled Senate does.
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D.C. Agencies Get Mostly 'C' And 'B' Grades In Pilot Program

D.C. agencies are now being held accountable by a grading system and District residents are handing out the grades.