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Assessing The Fallout From Trump's McCain Comments

On Saturday, Donald Trump sneered at Sen. John McCain's war record in Vietnam and later criticized his record on veterans' issues. Correspondent Don Gonyea tells NPR's Arun Rath how Trump's remarks may affect his candidacy.

Trump Doubles Down On McCain Criticism, Refusing To Apologize

The GOP presidential candidate has touched a nerve with his remarks about the Arizona senator's war record, prompting the national commander of Veterans of Foreign Wars to call them "despicable."

Former Cuba Diplomat Feels Joy, Relief As Havana Embassy Reopens

The U.S. will reopen its embassy in Havana Monday. Wayne S. Smith was there when it closed in 1961. He was later in charge of the U.S. Interests Section. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with Smith.

What Trump's Candidacy Means For The GOP

The Huffington Post says it won't cover Donald Trump as a political story, despite his surge in the polls. NPR's Rachel Martin talks with The New York Times' Jeremy Peters about Trump's popularity.

Trump Lashes Out At McCain: 'I Like People Who Weren't Captured'

The real-estate tycoon said the Arizona senator was only a war hero because he had been a POW. He also called McCain a "loser" for failing to win the White House in the 2008 election.

From Highways To Trade Deal, What Big Business Wants By Christmas

Business lobbyists say Congress has enough time left this year to pass significant legislation. But those plans could get tripped up by debate over Iran and over the budget.

Five Candidates, One Stage: Democrats Deliver Their 2016 Pitches

Martin O'Malley, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee all appeared together for the first time at a cattle call in Iowa on Friday. Each had 15 minutes to make a pitch.

Hillary Clinton Returns To A Very Different Arkansas

The former Arkansas first lady returns Saturday night to the place she called home for more than two decades — but has virtually no chance of winning in 2016.
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Purple Line Construction Expected To Begin In 2016

Just last month, Gov. Larry Hogan announced the state would move forward with building the Purple Line. But the process has been delayed.

Week In Politics: Iran Nuclear Deal And Presidential Campaigns

Political commentators E.J. Dionne of The Washington Post and David Brooks of The New York Times discuss the Iran nuclear deal and the latest on the campaign trail.