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Rick Santorum Drops Out, Endorses Marco Rubio For President

Unable to replicate the success he had in 2012, the former Pennsylvania senator is instead throwing his support behind fellow Republican Marco Rubio.

'Trumpertantrum': Trump Says Cruz Cheated In Iowa, Wants Results Overturned

Saying Ted Cruz won through dirty tactics by spreading false rumors that Ben Carson was dropping out, Donald Trump threatened to contest the results after he placed second in the Iowa caucuses.

Why Rand Paul Failed To Capture The Libertarian Moment

NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with Matt Kibbe, senior advisor for Concerned American Voters, a superPAC supporting Rand Paul. He joins us to speak about the state of libertarians and where they will throw their support now that Rand Paul has suspended his presidential campaign.

Political Makeup Artist Uses Position To Highlight Heroin Crisis

Political makeup artist Kriss Blevins is using her unique position to tell the presidential candidates about the heroin crisis and her stepdaughter who died of an overdose.

Obama Challenges Anti-Muslim Rhetoric In First Visit To U.S. Mosque

"Muslim Americans keep us safe," President Obama said on Wednesday as he visited a mosque in the U.S. for the first time as president. His speech was designed to draw contrasts with rhetoric from some Republicans running to succeed him.

New Hampshire Newspaper Publisher: 'Trump Has Overturned The Table'

NPR's Robert Siegel spoke with Joe McQuaid, publisher of the largest New Hampshire newspaper, the Union Leader. The conservative paper endorsed Gov. Chris Christie, much to the ire of Donald Trump.

New Pardon Chief In Obama Justice Department Inherits A Huge Backlog

Veteran Philadelphia prosecutor Robert Zauzmer is heading up a key priority in the final year of Obama's presidency. He tells NPR he has seen too many unfair sentences levied for low-level offenders.

Army, Marine Corps Generals Say Women Should Have To Register For The Draft

That's in light of the recent decision to lift restrictions on women in all combat positions. The two military leaders made the remarks at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing.


Politics Podcast: Tossing Coins In Iowa And Ted Cruz's Win

Ted Cruz emerged victorious from the Iowa Republican caucuses. But what happened between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders? Was it a win or a tie?
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The White House And Congress Debate Efforts To Address Puerto Rico's Growing Economic Crisis

Puerto Rico's governor has warned for months that the U.S. territory is in a "death spiral" with its crushing $72 billion debt. Join us to discuss Puerto Rico's financial crisis and new actions being considered by the White House and Congress.