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With Ferguson, Obama Forced To Confront Race Yet Again

President Obama has carefully avoided taking sides following the shooting of Missouri teen Michael Brown, disappointing some African-American observers.
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Another Unflattering Day Of Testimony For Maureen McDonnell

In the corruption trial of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, a former staffer says the ex-first lady became increasingly volatile as she prepared for public appearances.
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Legal Maneuvers on Same Sex Marriage in Virginia

In Virginia, same sex marriage is in legal limbo, and both sides are looking to the Supreme Court. We hear from a legal advocacy group seeking to uphold state's rights in defining marriage.

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McDonnell Defense Contrasts Governor, First Lady At Corruption Trial

Lawyers for former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell questioned former aides on Monday, describing Maureen McDonnell as "diva-ish" in contrast to her husband.

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Maryland Gubernatorial Candidates Square Off In Ocean City

Democratic nominee Anthony Brown and Republican pick Larry Hogan both addressed the Maryland Association of Counties summer conference over the weekend in Ocean City.

Obama Suspends Summer Vacation To Debrief On Issues At Home And Abroad

President Obama returned to Washington to hold White House meetings on the latest developments in Iraq and in Ferguson, Mo.

Former Vermont Sen. Jeffords, Who Once Tipped Senate Scale, Dies

James Jeffords' decision to leave the GOP and become an independent handed power to Democrats for 18 months. In his career of more than 30 years, Jeffords focused on education and the environment.

4 More Things NBC Must Do To Save 'Meet The Press'

NPR TV critic Eric Deggans offers four suggestions beyond replacing host David Gregory for revitalizing NBC's Sunday politics show, based on his own experience as a CNN guest host.

An Unprecedented Transfer Of Power Marked Ford's Presidency

In the wake of President Nixon's resignation, Gerald Ford assumed the presidency inheriting a nation divided over Watergate and distracted from pressing domestic and international events.

Perry Pushes Back Against Allegations He Overstepped His Authority

Tess Vigeland talks to Ben Philpott of member station KUT about the indictment of Texas Gov. Rick Perry on charges of abuse of power. The governor spoke for the first time since the charges, saying he acted within his power.