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With Repeal Of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell,' An Era Ends

Military medals, flag
Now that the controversial gays-in-the-military policy has been officially lifted, an active duty Air Force lieutenant reveals his true identity for the first time. And a gay-rights strategist reflects on how the military has responded to the shift.
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D.C. Weighs How To Spend Surplus


The District got some good news about its financial information recently: an $89 million surplus. Now, council members need to decide what to do with it.

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D.C. Council Member Calls For Pay Raise

Vincent Orange

Among the many suggestions for helping clean up ethics issues in the D.C. government is at-large council member Vincent Orange's proposal to raise members' pay by 40 percent -- and prevent them from having other jobs.


GOP Not Interest In Raising Taxes On Anyone

President Obama's deficit reduction plan is just a proposal unless Congress acts. Most Republicans don't like what they heard from the president about taxing the wealthy to shrink long-term deficits.

Obama Proposes Higher Tax Revenue To Curb Deficit

President Obama's call for $1.5 trillion in tax hikes to reduce the deficit puts him on a collision course with congressional Republicans. Some of Democratic supporters may welcome Obama's newly combative negotiating style, but deficit watchdogs warn his plan falls short in key areas.

Eying Senate, Tommy Thompson Must Face New GOP

Former Wisconsin governor and Bush Cabinet secretary Tommy Thompson is laying the groundwork for a run at his state's open U.S. Senate seat. But as Thompson prepares for his return to politics, the one-time standard bearer for Wisconsin Republicans appears to be facing a conservative backlash.

Gov. Perry Cut Funds For Women's Health In Texas

Texas Gov. Rick Perry likes to hold out the Lone Star State as a model — his vision for the country. But while Texas' growing economy has been a reliable jobs producer, the state's health care system is straining. Many family planning clinics that help serve the large numbers of uninsured in Texas have seen cuts. One supporter calls it a "war on birth control."